Wednesday 18 December 2019

A very cool gift idea for my kid!

Hello lovelies!

In this post I'd like to share with you one very cool gift idea for my kid! My little one will soon turn 3, and this means, besides his Christmas present, I'm also thinking about what to gift him for his birthday!
My little one is a very curious and active toddler, and he doesn't spent much time playing with one toy in particular, but he just likes to jump, climb and put to test my patience, lol!
I always look for inspiring gift ideas, as there are so many toys on the market, but more than often, we end up just spending the money, and our kids don't seem to even enjoy these toys.
That's why I decided to start picking out the right toys more carefully and really give in some tought before purchasing it! Is this item going to be interesting for my little one? Will it spark joy and teach him something? Will he keep coming back to play with it?

These here are some of the realistic images from our daily life...

I often go to Amazon to look for inexpensive gift ideas for my kid, and recently I came across this very cool LED Rainbow projector night lamp.
Basically your little one can have a rainbow in his/ her own room! That's such a cool gift idea and surely he'll be delighted!

If you're in Italy, you can order the rainow light here , and here is the link for UK orders

Here are some more details about this product and how it works:

  • Amazing rainbow projector.
  • Projects rainbow across the walls and ceiling
  • Turns on with the push of a button
  • Uses The latest Third-generation Multi-colord LED bulbs,which makes the rainbow much brighter,more realistic and more colorful than the previous editions
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included in the package) or AC Power( not included in the package)
  • Improve children and babies sleep, make your room more cozy and romantic, see a magical rainbow come to life.

There are tons of client's reviews saying how their kids adore this light, especially seeing it before going to sleep. I'm confident that my little one will adore it too! We can read books and watch the rainbow lights on the wall, it creates just the right mood for going to bed!

I hope you liked this idea!
Let me know, if you have kids (toddlers), what toys do they enjoy playing with most?
My little one also loves Lego, Play-doh, coloring books...

*in collaboration with Excerando


  1. Non sanno più cosa inventare, interessante. Buona notte:)


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