Wednesday 20 October 2021

Fall 2021. fashion faves & what's new on my wish list!

 Hello lovelies!

In today's post I'm going to share with you a couple of my personal fashion faves for the upcoming cold weather. This autumn here in Italy has been quite sunny and warm, but today was the first chilly day, and I started thinking about pulling out from my wardrobe some warmer clothing items, and also creating a little wish list, regarding the items that I'd like to add to my already existing wardrobe, to update my style for this fall & winter season.

I like to buy my clothes on-line, because I like to take my time to really choose what's right for me, in the comfort of my own home, and also because I'm always interested in getting the best deals by looking for cheap women's clothing online

Holapick is one of those on line stores that offers many different styles at affordable prices, so everyone can find something right for themselves.

I like the fact that they have a variety of different colour options and sizes available, so if you really like one clothing items and you find that it suits you well, you can even get it in more colors! They always follow the latest fashion trends, so for the fall & winter 2021. season they offer a huge selection of casual tops for womens

Casual style is still very dominant, even in this post lockdown period. I feel like we all got so used on wearing only loungewear for staying at home all the time, so that now this is exactly what majority of people kept wearing even for going back to their usual everyday and work activities.

It's like noone wants to get out of their cozy and comfy clothes :-)

Here are a couple of tops that I put on my wish list for this new fall & winter season:

This is one shirt that I really love! It comes in different colour options, but this red/black/white is my fave one! It's very '90.-ies inspired, casual and cool.

I also like this warm & chunky sweater for colder weather. It gets pretty cold in the late autumn, and during the whole winter, here where I live, so a good chunky knit like this one is essential thing to keep me warm. I also really love the combo of colours in this sweater.

Next cute sweater is this soft and fluffy white V neck sweater with some lace detailing. I love to wear white clothing items, and also anything with lace is definitely my cup of tea. This cute sweater will definitely dress up even a simple pair of your old jeans.

The last item I wanted to share with you is really appropriate for this season, and the upcoming Halloween. I picked it out because it's fun & cute, and the material seems very soft and warm.

Let's all stay warm & cozy this season :-)

I hope you like my fashion picks, let me know which one is your fave item!

* in collaboration with Holapick

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