Monday 25 October 2021

My new sunglasses by Koalaeye optical


Hello guys!

Today I'd like to show you my fab new pair of sunglasses! 

I already posted about this collaboration on my instagram @sonia_verardo (hey, let's follow eachother's ig accounts! Stop by to say "hi"!)

I always pay a lot of attention to the quality of my sunglasses, the important thing is to pick good quality lenses, and the frames that will best suit your face shape.

Designer sunglasses can be very expensive and overpriced, but you can have great quality sunglasses without spending a fortune!

Koalaeye optical is on line web shop that sells sunglasses and eyeglasses, and has a vast selection of different frames so you can choose a pair that can flatter your face shape.

It's very important to choose a pair of sunglasses that's right for your face shape. You can find very interesting and helpful tips on how to best choose your sunglasses, based on your face shape, here

I picked a pair of polarized sunglasses, model Celia, it's a classic acetate round sunglasses , that's very elegant, stylish and classic. It comes with a free anti-reflective coating, eyeglasses pouch and lens cloth.

I chose this pair because I wanted something that will be timeless and always up to date, and I really loved these subtle green coloured frames.

You can tell if your sunglasses are polarized by using the computer digital screen test. I like my polarized sunglasses because they give my eyes extra comfort and make my eyes rest, even when it's very bright sunny day.

All sunglasses are formulated to protect against UV rays and to minimize glare, but polarized lenses have been made with a special process to filter out this type of intense glare. This formulation acts almost like a blind or curtain, allowing only some light to pass through

You can have a special deal on the first pair at $ 4.99 (which is really awesome deal!), by clicking here

They also have a big selection of sports sunglasses for women and men and eyeglasses for men and women, with a really big selection of men's eyeglasses

I'm really happy with my new pair of sunglasses!

If you're looking for a new pair of sunglasses or if you need to get a prescription eyeglasses, Koalaeye is the best place to go to, as they're really professional, affordable and you can get great deals plus free shipping!

* in collaboration with Koalaeye optical


  1. Baš su lijepe ove sunčane naočale. Odjevna kombinacija je za deset.


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