Thursday 21 April 2022

Shapewear secrets to a perfect body

 Hello lovelies!

As the warmer weather arrived, we tend to dress in lightweight clothes, more revealing and we might tend to feel self conscious about it. After a long winter, it is possible that we gained some weight, or, if we haven't been exercising, that we're generally feeling just out of shape.

This is where best shapewear comes to the rescue! :-)

Here are some of my go to options that every woman should have in her closet:

This is a simple, classic black invisible bodysuit shaper, it is a very useful accessorie for all kinds of clothes in your wardrobe, from tight pants and sweaters to loose tops, skirts and dresses.

It has adjustable straps, no panty lines, smooth and trimmed waist, deep v-neck.

It also comes in nude.

Next fave of mine is this Lycra soft cup shaping bodysuit

This sleek fabric is ultra lightweight and offers all over, magic shaping! I also like the fact that it has adjustable shoulder straps and soft cup so it gives no compression to the bust area.

Women's secret to the best figure is often combined with healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and also the right type of underwear, depending on the outfit that you're wearing, that can accentuate or hide your curves.

In the recent years, it's been very popular to accentuate your behind curves, you can achieve that "bigger butt" look by doing the right type of exercises and workout hard, but there is also another popular option that has become quite a hit, especially amongst fitness and fashion bloggers and instagramers, and it's butt lifter shorts

One of the popular options are definitely these magic mesh luxury shaping panties that are completely seamless under your garments:

They feature adjustable detachable straps, 3 hooks crotch design, special mesh on buttocks, tummy targeted compression zone, enhance butt, anti bacterial technology that prevents the growth of odor causing microbes and soft, skin friendly, breathable and moisture absorbing lycra fabric.

A lot of women are very excited about this shapewear "invention" as they find they look more attractive in jeans or bodycon dresses.

Another popular option is shaping bodysuit it's the perfect answer to the secret of perfect body under bodycon dresses and tight, formfitting clothes. Shaping bodysuit will accentuate your figure in a perfect way and give you a boost of confidence, making you feel good about yourself in the things you're wearing and in your own skin.

A lot of very satisfied clients witness to the effectiveness of wearing the right kind of undergarments, and are praising the durafits brand and high quality with great selection of trendy models and skin friendly materials.

My favourite type of undergarments for spring and summer weather are definitely strapless bra in nude colour (so it goes perfectly under any kind of crop top or blouse), laser cut cotton panties in nude, black and white (so they seem invisible under skirts, bodycon dresses and pants), and even nude slip dress, or camisole dress, because often times spring and summer dresses are made of a very lightweight, seethrough material, so having the right kind of undergarment here really comes to the rescue! :-)

Let me know, do you own any kind of shape wear in your closet and do you find it useful when dressing up?

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