Friday 22 April 2022

Making my house a home: Studio room/ guest room renovation!

 Hello guys!

How are you doing?

Today I wanted to share something a bit different than my usual fashion & beauty topics here on my blog.

I wanted to document everything about renewing my house and making it a home.

The work is going rather slowly, and it's been a bit frustrating at times because I thought by the spring time, we would have finished at least with one floor, but it turns out we only managed to renew one room!

The reason behind this is because we don't have that much time free to invest into this project, since we have our daily life work/obligations/house work, so only when we have some extra time on our hands, we can dedicate ourselves to making our house a home.

We now live in a big house in Croatia, with a very spacious backyard, and this used to be my parent's house. When my Dad past away, 10 years ago, the left the house to me, and we only stayed here during our summer vacations and a couple of weeks a year. So obviously now there is a ton of work to be done! Sometimes it feels overwhelming, but then, I have to remind myself to just relax and not rush anything, but enjoy the process. I can't expect everything to fall into place overnight!

So finally we managed to finish our first project: Studio/ guest room! It's the first room in this house that we redecorated, and now it looks just the way I wanted it to!

I combined some old furniture from my parents, with some old pieces, and did a lot of DIY home decor projects :-) I really had fun with it and enjoyed creating little home decor objects :-)

Here I have a vlog showing you the renovation process, but I'll soon film a video on the finished look:

We bought the chest and the lamp in Momax, and photo frames and black candle in Pepco. We found a lot of affordable and beautiful home decor pieces in those two shops.

I really, really wanted a lot of golden stars on the walls of this room. This is supposed to be a room for relaxation, reading a good book, or watching a fave tv show, but also a place from where I can work on my blog/ youtube projects, and...why not, a place from where I can dream!

The couch is also new, we bought in at Momax, and the furry blanket/cover is from H&M home (I got it on sale, while I was still working there.)

I still need to put some flowers in this vase, I was actually thinking of an olive tree branch and some palm tree leaves, that I'll paint in gold.

We also have our little work corner, and I love how it's placed right by the window, so it always is very pleasant to work from this position because from here I can look at my trees and the nearby sea.

The mirror, basket and blanket are from Pepco, and the vase in hand made and quite a vintage piece, from my parents.

The straw basket is also very old, and I painted it, and these old little pumpkins too :-)

From the window I see my old oak tree, and then, the beautiful blue sea :-)

I hope you liked this type of post! Let me know how do you like the final result how the room turned out? Is this your style too, or would you have done things differently? I really want to hear all about what do you have to say about it!

If you like this kind of topics that concerns home decor and house renovations, I'll make sure to post more frequently about it and keep you updated on the renovation process :-)

Talk to you soon!


  1. What a nice details, thanks for your sharing....

  2. You have created a warm and welcoming space.
    I love it.
    Kisses from Spain.

  3. Wow! The room looks fantastic. I think it makes sense to take things slow and do it one room at a time. The results will continue to amaze. I just love the stars on the wall. How fabulous! You have an amazing eye for design <3
    the creation of beauty is art.


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