Tuesday 6 September 2022

Summer outfits vol.2: Day at the beach at the island of Krk in Croatia


Hello lovelies!

Here is one post with photos from my happy place: The beach of Cizici at the island of Krk in Croatia!

It's such a calm and beautiful place, I always feel good and relaxed here. This beach is also famous for the healing properties of the black mud. It's been used in the past to cure a whole number of diseases, and when you come here, you can always see people covered in mud!

Some do it for fun, to share holiday pics on their social medias, some yet do it because this really helps!

I also tried it a couple of times and it feels really good and therapeutic!

We discovered this beach back in 2016. when I was pregnant, but we didn't actually go here until summer 2020., or maybe 2019., because it turns out to be the perfect spot for little kids, as they can run and enjoy the shallow sea.

I have lovely memories from this place so I'm happy that this summer too, we went here quite often.

No matter how anxious or worried I feel, when I'm here, everything negative seems to disappear, it's like this place has some special magic aura of good vibrations :-)

My outfit:

Top: Miss Sixty (second hand)

Skirt: Calzedonia (second hand)

Bag: Zara (second hand)

Hat: old one, bought in Italy

Slippers: Adidas

bathing suit #01: H&M

bathing suit #02: Love Stories for H&M

Do you have any special place that you like to call your happy place?

Kisses from Croatia,


  1. It looks like such a beautiful and relaxing place. No wonder you love it so much! Thank you for sharing it <3
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. Izgleda divno ova plaža, lijepe fotografije. Ja sam dio ovog ljeta radila na Krku. Sada sam opet u školi u Mostaru:)


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