Friday 16 September 2022

Summer outfits vol.6: Primark's beach dress


Hello loves!

I'm back with another outfit post, again from my fave place, the beach of Cizici at the island of Krk in Croatia. It's truly a magical place for me, where I feel very relaxed and at peace. You'll probably see some more posts from this beautiful place!

As I've already mentioned, this summer I didn't buy any new clothing items, but everything that I bought was second hand! I managed to find great deals and such cool pieces and I was able to totally renew my wardrobe for just a fraction of the price of what I would have usually spent!

This lovely knitted beach dress is also second hand (originally from Primark) and this summer it was my most worn item for the beach, because it's just so easy to just throw on, and it looks great!

My headband is from H&M (I've had it for many years), it's that Missoni style that's always in!

Sunglasses are from Pepco, very cheap and very lightweight and I absolutely love this shape.

I hope you like this look!

Tell me all about your happy place! :-)

I'll talk to you soon, I have a couple of more summer outfit posts to share with you before the September ends!

xo from Croatia,

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