Saturday 25 March 2023

OOTD: Pinko Coat & second hand finds!


Hello lovely people!

How are you doing and how's your weekend?💕

I went with my family to pick some seeds this afternoon, so we can plant them when the time is right. Today it was raining and windy, so it seemed like a good opportunity to go to the local store and pick up some seeds, soil and even one little peach tree, to plant in our garden, hopefully next weekend, or so!😊

We also got some strawberries plants, and I can't wait to have my own strawberries in the garden! Strawberries are my fave fruit!❤️

Other seeds that we planted a couple of weeks ago are doing really well ðŸŒąðŸŠī, and soon it'll be time to put them in the soil of our garden (for the moment they're still inside of our house, in the vases and egg containers (I wrote about it in this post, do you remember?)

And now, let me quickly present you my OOTD:

This outfit again, is made mostly out of second hand finds!

Wool coat: Pinko (second hand find!)

White cardigan: Zara

Shirt: second hand 

High waisted "Mom" jeans: Zara (second hand)

Leather bag: Furla (second hand)

Sneakers: Reebok Club C (second hand)

As you already know, second hand is definitely my cup of tea! However I was thinking of buying even less and just making the most of what I already have!

I'll talk about it more in the future, I'm thinking of doing something like "no buy" challenge, or similar!

I really want to focus on all the things that I already have and appreciate them to the fullest!

How about you? Are you thinking the same?

I'll talk to you soon!


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