Tuesday 23 May 2023

Eyeglasses trends for spring & summer season 2023.

 Hello lovely people!

Today I have another fashion post, this time in collaboration with cliclime eyeglasses, a company that sells designer prescription glasses at affordable prices.

I decided to share some of my personal favorites with you today. I wear eyeglasses when I watch Tv, or work on a computer, and I like to wear them because they're cute and flattering for my face shape.

I think it is very important to pick the frame that will best suit your face shape and that you really like!

To make your decision easier, you can choose by style, shape, gender, size, frame, material, color.

Designer eyewear that they offer is really cool and trendy and quite affordable, which is obviously a big plus!

If this spring and summer you're looking for a more fun look and something truly special, why don't you try jewelry eyeglasses

These are definitely something else! I really like how unique and super special they are. These will transform even your most simple outfit and make you look and feel extra special!

I also like this model:

They are a bit more subtle, but still very beautiful and something special!

You can also find a big selection of rimless glasses for women, here are some examples that I found:

I really like this heart shaped one, it's super pretty and just lovely!

When you carry such eyeglasses, the world looks like a better place, I'm sure! 😊

I have a heart shaped sunglasses and whenever I wear them I feel as if I was looking at the world through a different eyes. 

Rimless eyeglasses are a type of eyeglasses in which the lenses are mounted directly to the bridge and/or temples. 

To his date, they're still very popular model and a lot of people opt for it as they find it very flattering.

Here is one hot model that I think will suit most faces 😍

On their webstore you'll also have the possibility to virtually try on the frames, to see what suits you the best. It can be hard to pick the right frames without actually trying them on, so this is the perfect way to try multiple options in the comfort of your own home, all you need to do is upload your photo and pick a frame you're interested in!

Since we're heading towards summer months, you can also pick a pair (or two!) of sunglasses, the prices are super convenient so you don't need to limit yourself to only one pair!

Let me know what is your favorite pair!

I'll talk to you soon!

* in collaboration with Cliclime

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