Monday 16 October 2023



I tried Kerastase nutritive 8 h magic night serum, overnight nourishing serum for dry hair and I made a little video review about it:

My hair has been quite dry and damaged because of the mix of factors, such as stress, applying too much heat on it, treating it with bleach and covid also played it's role.

I realised I have to go on a mission of recovering my hair, and I purchased some high quality products that might help me on this journey.

Kerastase nutritive 8 h magic night serum is described as an overnight treatment meant to nourish dry strands. The stars of this serum are iris root and the five-vitamin blend. Iris root replenishes and prolongs nutrition while the blend of vitamins penetrates the hair shaft and seals your cuticles. This serum boasts that it will hydrate your strands and leave your hair softer than it was before application.

Formulated with plant-based proteins and niacinamide, this luxurious cream protects from pillow friction, providing -84% less frizz and +98% strength.

This serum has a very lightweight consistency and it won't leave your hair oily or greasy. It makes it soft and silky, which is really nice when you have dry, brittle and damaged hair.
I use it as an overnight treatment (I use two/three pumps of the product, distribute it on the lengths of my hair and then I braid my hair into a French braid and go to sleep). The next morning my hair is looking pretty fab, with light waves and quite silky to the touch.
Another way I like to use it actually during the day, I apply one pump of it and distribute it all over my hair, whenever I feel it's needed.
I find that it helps in detangling my hair and also makes it look better.
I also use it right after washing my hair, when my hair is still damp, just before blow drying it.
You can use this product on wet or dry hair, and it's leave in formula, so it deeply nourishes and takes care of your hair.
I really do like it, however it does have one negative point and that it the actual price of the product.
The bottle contains 90ml, and the price ranges anywhere from € 55 to 47€ (with discount codes and promotions). I'd say it's quite a lot! I'll definitely try to search for a cheaper alternative.
Kerastase products were always my favorite products when it comes to hair care, they're very luxurious, they perform extremely well, and I've never been left disappointed by any of the Kerastase products that I've tried.
But since I'm moving towards direction of natural cosmetics and I'm also looking not to spend a small fortune on beauty products, I figured I might just need to find something that works just as well as this 8h serum!
If you have any recommendations, feel free to drop me a line in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this review, thank you ever so much for stopping by!

I'll talk to you soon!


  1. This is very impressive.

  2. Sounds so amazing for hair. I have to try it soon. Thanks for sharing my dear.

  3. It's wonderful that you are taking such good care of your hair! It's a shame this product is so expensive though!
    the creation of beauty is art.


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