Saturday 21 October 2023


 Hello lovelies!

I felt like doing a little fashion post today. Weekend seems like a perfect time to sit down with a cup of hot tea and turn to blogging😊

I wanted to share some newest fashion finds from Sezane 🥰🛍

I really like their style and quality of the fabrics! I found all these items second hand, over the period of the past couple of months. 

You guys already know how passionate I am when it comes to second hand fashion. 

When it comes to clothes, I rarely buy anything new anymore, and I also have my little second hand corner, where I sell my clothes (most items are practically new), that I don't wear anymore🛍

You can check it out here, I ship internationally, and the prices are super convenient!!! 

So let's start with this little Sezane haul, you can even watch my YouTube video here:

This mustard color polka dot sheer blouse is so cute! I really like the romantic vibes of it 🥰
I can wear it in summer, but also in the fall season, layered over a turtleneck or a long sleeve top.

This black polka dot pleated skirt is a real classic! It's an item that will never go out of style and it'll quickly become my closet's essential.
I like to style it in a fun and unexpected way (take a look here), so even though it's such a classic, you can definitely turn it into a fun and unique outfit.

Next is this dusty rose denim jacket 🥰 It's such a great piece for spring and early fall period.
I´m in love with the color, and I absolutely love to wear it with jeans and pants, and floral print dresses...well, you name it! This jacket really goes well with everything!

This Sezane leather belt is another great find. It's real suede, great quality, one of those pieces that'll last forever!

Last, but not least, is a pair of these gorgeous black suede cowboy boots! They're so cute and perfect to wear with pants, skirts and dresses🥰

Another must have piece that will always be in style! I bought them in a size 40 and they fit true to size (the model is a bit narrow, so it might not fit if you have wider feet.)

That's it for this haul🛍 But I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled on the current Sezane second hand offers and hopefully soon I'll add a piece or two in my Sezane collection🥰

Let me know, which one was your fave item of this haul?

Would you like to see a video feat. my entire Sezane collection?

Thank you for stopping by! Have a nice weekend my friends🌟

I'll talk to you soon (I'm preparing a little OOTD post+video for you soon!)

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