Sunday 15 April 2012

Miley Cyrus Inspired Fashion Trend: Destroyed Jeans

Hello beauties!

This is my first Sunday off work in a while, so I'm enjoying it at home (because outside it's cold & rainy!)with my hubby & my dear granny!

I also managed to finally edit a fashion video that I filmed, probably about a week ago, inspired by a pic of Miley Cyrus that I saw in one italian fashion mag.

I really loved her outfit and it inspired me to go look in my closet, for a forgotten, ripped, destroyed pairs of jeans that I knew I had somewhere in there, jeans that I wore a lot a few years back...
Now, it seems this "destroyed jeans" trend is back in stytle again :)

A pic of Miley Cyrus from "Tu Style" fashion mag
that inspired me to do my new fashion video!

 Check out my video here:

(just hit the play button above to watch my vid)

Italian magazines say: Destroyed denim is again IN style
for the Spring/Summer 2012. season!

Her jeans are skinny leg, studded, paint covered and ripped!
This is ♥ at the first sight! ;)

 Here are some of the similar models of jeans that I re-discovered in my wardrobe:

I think these are the most similar to the ones Miley was wearing!
Too bad these are quite flair, as opposed to Miley's, that were quite skinny leg model!
I honestly prefer the skinny leg model, as that model is more flattering on me, but I'll also wear the flair style if paired with wedges :)

In Summer, I prefer wearing jeans shorts, rather than a regular length- leg denim; I really love these "boyfriend fit" shorts by GAS.
These were actually my hubby's jeans when he was a teenager!
He wore them to pieces (that's how they're now truly "destroyed" and ripped!).
Past summer, he cut them for me into a shorts and I've spent the entire summer wearing them :)

I hope you liked this little post & found it inspiring!

Which one is your favourite pair out of all these jeans?

Kiss from Italy, wishing you all a very lovely Sunday :)
xoxo Sonja

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