Thursday 26 April 2012

Work/ Office Styling Idea: Pastel Color Trend, Chanel Style Shorts, Black Turtleneck

Often you ask me for some styling ideas...

of how to dress for work at the office/ more formal environment, but still staying fashionable and on trend.
I know this can be quite a challenge and in some way,I feel lucky that at my work I don't have to respect any strict dress code and can, pretty much dress as I want to :)

However, recently I got some more elegant /feminine clothes from H&M and I thought those would be perfect for work at the more formal environment, or whenever you need to look like business like, stylish woman.

For work, I'd suggest you to branch into a pastel colour trend (that is very IN this season).
Chanel inspired things are also always very stylish, elegant, feminine yet work appropriate.

Check out one of my work/ office styling ideas, here:

(just press the play button to watch my vid!)

Here are some pics of this outfit:

Everything is from H&M, except for the ballet flats (INA market), and the earrings (1€uro Store).
This is not a paid commercial for H&M, lol! ;D

Hope you like this outfit!

How do you dress for work?
Do you have any strict dress code that you need to obey?

Kiss from Italy,
xoxo Sonja


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