Wednesday 23 May 2012

Casual Spring Style: Lace Top & Studded Sneakers

Hello beauties!

Here is another OOTD post, the video feat. this outfit was uploaded past week.

You can watch it here:

I was doing some minor grocery shopping that day. 
I was without my car for the week, so I had to go by foot to a nearby (10-15min. walk) mini-market. 
The sun was high in the sky (what a surprise!! given the fact that so far, it has been a pretty shi..y spring! pardon my language, ahem!)and even a minor grocery shopping started feeling rather heavy ughh...
My studded sneakers were killing my feet and it's beyond me how I managed to return home after all, lol!

For the purpose of this video/ photos, I put them back on, but couldn't really do much but stand still...and pretend to smile! lol

The good news:

After a few days, when my feet healed, I tried them again (they're Made in Italy, real leather sneakers, they're SUPPOSED TO BE SUPER COMFY AND HIGH QUALITY!!!)...I gave them a second chance, and wore them to work...9,1/5hours of nn stop moving..and..they passed the test! I love them now :)

great pic! my face expression is just priceless! thanx to my hubby for capturing that moment, lol
Thought I'd post it anyway, hihi ;)

Loose waves thanx to Imetec Bellissima Professional hair curler.
Still rocking the ombre trend, but thinking about going back to blonde in June, just before my B-day...
Any suggestions? :)

We got off to a bad start, but now it's actually a love relationship :)
My studded sneakers by "Ottocento" brand.

Just stand still and pretend to be smiling...ouch! my feet were killing me here :(

Had to include this one!
My neighbour's cat, spying on me, while I'm filming my OOTD video!
Can't we get a little bit of privacy here, please?? ;) lol, lol

I wore:

Lace top: H&M (Conscious collection)
Pants w/thin brown belt: H&M
Grey vest: Top Shop
Studded sneakers: Ottocento (Made in Italy), from a shoe store "nadhi"
Bag: Bershka
Suede like jacket: Bershka
Necklace: Promod
Ring: H&M
Watch: Fossil rose gold
Sunnies: Stradivarius

Did you like this outfit?
Do you like the studded sneakers trend?
Currently, this is quite a big one here in Italy :)

Have a lovely day girlies!
xoxo Sonja


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