Thursday 3 May 2012

Get Your Body Ready for Summer!

Hello beauties!

With the arrival of warmer days, and summer being just around the corner, I thought I'd share with you my little tips & tricks on how to easily get your body in a perfect shape for summer, for the beach!

This video was highly requested by many of you, and especially from my croatian speaking audience, so I took a few extra minutes, and filmed two videos: In english, and in croatian language.

You can check out the english version here:

"Get Your Body Ready for Summer!"

You can watch the croatian version here:

"Kako do savrsene forme za ljeto? (Mali savjeti)"

I hope you'll find this video interesting & helpful, I tried to concentrate on a few basic, easy to follow, advices, that I always try to listen, and have never failed me when it comes to delivering results!

Kako dovesti tijelo do savrsene forme za ljeto?
kupaci kostim: H&M
bathing suit: H&M

Bathing suits in these pics are all from H&M.

My little tips:

1). Make sure to be active and excercise!
When I feel that summer is just around the corner, I have no more exceuses to be lazy, and I force myself to excercise (4 times a week) on my home stepper!
I usually do my workout routine in the mornings, before taking the shower.
I'll start with a 20- 30 minutes, and then, one day after another, I'll slowly work my way up to even 50 minutes of excercise on my stepper.
What keeps me motivated?
Picturing myself in the bikini on the beach is good enough of a motivation for me!
I want to be ready & pass that bikini test!!! 
What entertains me while I'm doing my excercising?
I'll watch one of my favourite TV shows on the internet, or a beauty/fashion video on Youtube!
There are also tons of inspirational excercising videos on Youtube, so I find those inspiring as well!
While watching those, time flies by in a sec., and without even realizing it, I'm done with my excercises for the day!

Meet my best buddy, my home stepper ;)
2.)Eat healthy!
Avoid junk food, snacks, greasy, fried food!
In my kitchen, there are always plenty of fruits and veggies!
I do eat meat as well, but my diet is mainly based on fruits and vegetables!

Apples, oranges, bananas!
I also love seasonal fruits, and now I enjoy eating strawberries daily (my favourite fruit!!!) as they're just perfect in this period of a year!

Yummy vegetables!
I eat both raw and cooked vegetables daily!
I'll try to share with you some of my favourite dishes/ receipes in my future videos/ posts ;)

3.) Water is the source of beauty and gives us life!
Always make sure to keep your body well hydrated!
I stay away from coffee, alcool, sparkling sodas such as Coca- Cola, Fanta, Sprite etc. (haven't drunk those in ages!!), and artifical juices...
Basically I only like to drink water, or freshly squeezed juice from oranges, or some other delicious fruit!

Water gives us beauty and life!

4.) Food supplements
Throughout the year, I'll take different vitamins and food supplements, depending on what my body needs in a certain period.

Here are my favourite food supplements that I love & recommend:

Currently I'm using Phyto Paris food supplements for healthy hair & nails.
I used them already one year ago, and the results were amazing!
I went on my vacations for two weeks, and when I returned back at work, my colleagues were actually asking me have I put in a hair extensions!
Also, in Spring time, my nails tend to be a little weak, so I like to give them a little "health boost" with these Phyto supplements!
Other place where I like to get my food supplements is DM drogerie markt, and their exclusive line of food supplements "Das gesunde plus".
I usually get Beta- Carotin (to prepare my body for sun exposure), Multivitamin (all year round, to help boost my immunity) and Iron+ Vitamin C. (in "that" time of the month).

Find out more about Phyto Paris supplements & where to get them HERE! (their website!)

Das Gesunde Plus food supplements are available at DM Drogerie Markt drugstores.

"Vitasuplemental" and "Stress Off" food supplements are polish products.
"Stress Off" supplements helped me get through the "moving into a new place" period, gave me strength and just made me feel more optimistic about life in general!

Natural calming preparation, supporting libido
- relax
- improves mood
- reduces stress
- improves concentration
- supports mental durability
- cleanses organism of toxins
- improves skin metabolism and colour

What makes "Stress Off" and "Vitasuplemental" special?

- The composition of these supplements is more unique, innovative and with higher concentration than in other supplements on the market.
- Contains additionally astaxanthin, which significantly improves skin.
- Contains bioperine, which enhances the absorption of other ingredients, ensuring their effectiveness.
- Chlorophyllin is used- a natural dye for capsules having an antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties.
- American formula and quality

30 capsules, monthly treatment.

Both "Stress Off" and "Vitasuplemental" have been granted "Zloty Otis 2011." award in the debut of the year category.

"Vitasuplemental"- natural energizing preparation, supporting libido.

- increases energy
- improves vital power
- helps to increase immunity and condition of organism
- supports physical stamina and condition of organism
- improves blood circulation and skin metabolism

30 capsules, monthly treatment.

To find out more about "Stress Off" and "Vitasuplemental" food supplements, and where to get them, CLICK HERE!

I got them by post and from Poland, to Italy, they have arrived in 3-4 days, which was excellent!

5.) Self tanners and a good body care cosmetics!

To prepare my body for the beach and bikini, I like to apply a self tanning products.
I'm very pale and I do think we all look a bit better with at least a bit of a tan!
I prefer a natural tan, but as I always tan slowly and gradually, I do turn to self tanners for a "quick fix" :)
I avoid tanning beds as they cause premature aging of the skin, and can also cause more serious skin conditions.
Plus, the hygiene in the tanning beds is often questionable!

I was using tanning beds in the past, so I'm telling you all this from my personal experience.

On the other hand, I always had super positive experience with self tanners.
Just make sure to do a full scrub to your body first, so the self tanner will absorb more evenly into the skin and will give the best results.

My scrubs & self tanners of choice, this season are:

Balea Cream Body Scrub with Indian Chai (smells delicious!)
Bourjois face scrub (radiance boosting)
L'oreal Sublime Bronze Automatic Self tanner for the body, in spray
Yves Rocher Bronze Nature self tanner for the face (my fave!)

These are my simple tips!
I hope this post & my video on the subject, were somewhat helpful!
If you have any questions on the subject, don't hesitate to leave them to me in the comment's section bellow this blog post!
I'll be happy to answer any of your questions, if I can :)

Also, do let me know what do YOU do on a daily basis to get your body in shape and what is YOUR motivation?

A BIG, BIG kisss from Italy,
xoxo Sonja

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