Thursday 12 July 2012

In a Fashion Blogger's Kitchen: Delicious Piadina Romagnola Receipe

Hello girls!

Here I am with another receipe video/ blog post!
This time, I was preparing a super simple, but so delicious, piadina romagnola!

This is how the yummy dish looks like:

Do you want to learn how to easily prepare this dish? ;)

Click here to watch my video- tutorial:

You'll need:

Piadina romagnola, available in any supermarket in Italy,
or in the italian delicacy stores in most of the foreign countries.
If you can't find piadina, go for tacos or burritos, they should do, even though it's not the same thing!

fine olive oil, extra- vergin.
A must- have in every italian kitchen, and so it is in mine!

stracchino cheese! Looks a bit weird, but it tastes soo good!
It's this, almost liquidy, type of italian cheese.
This is going to be the essential ingredient for your piadinas, girls!

Other ingredients:
- tomatoes
- cherry tomatoes
- olives (both green, and black will do, it depends on your personal choice!)
- prosciutto or speck (I'm using Speck Alto Adige)
- rocket salad

Quick receipe:
-First you'll need to put a dot of olive oil into a pan, and leave it to heat up,
-Put piadina inside of the pan and just swirl it around, then turn it to the other side, and swirl it around the pan again.
By this point your piadina has heaten up and is ready to be filled in with the ingredients!
- I always start with stracchino cheese, then I put olives, tomatoes & cherry tomatoes, speck and rocket salad at last.
-I put the cheese in first because I like the cheese to melt nicely into my piadina, whereas I put the rocket salad last, because I don't like it to heat up too much, but I like it to still stay crispy and fresh!
- Fold the piadina into a sandwich and leave it in the pan for an extra minute or two.
- Now your piadina is ready to be eaten! ;) YUM!

All the ingredients are in piadina, ready to be heaten up!

Buon appetito ladies!

I hope you're going to try out this receipe in your kitchen! :)
Do let me know how did it go!!!

Check out my other receipe video where I make
risotto with sciopetti! CLICK HERE!

Kisss from Italy,
xoxo Sonja

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