Tuesday 24 July 2012

Summer Sales Fashion Haul!

Hey guys!

I hope you're all doing well :)

As you know, I'm pretty much addicted to shopping at sales, so July was definitely the perfect month to check out the stores and update my summer wardrobe!

What did I get? What did I get?
Curious? ;)

See what did I get, here:

& a few pics of my favourite finds...

Thin H&M belts, only 1€ each!
I'm really loving the rose gold, braided one :)
&..all the others too! ;)

I've always liked H&M jewellery!
These trendy pieces were on sale for only 1€ each!

Another bikini to add to my collection!
I love the crochet style of this one, and this colour too, it suits my skin complexion!

Fringe gilet, a fun beachwear!

Lace ballet flats, H&M (divided)
3€, such a steal!

Real leather flip-flops, so soft and comfy, and easy to fit in any luggage, when
travelling to your next holiday spot! :)
Only 3€ each: amazing!

Beautiful summer shorts!
I'm in <3 with this print & colours :)

My new summer footwear

Green, lace dress from Pull & Bear.
At 50% off, it was screaming my name :)
I had set my eyes on this dress at the beginning of the spring season...now there were only
3 of them left...I had to grab one! :)

Suede wedge sandals, actually quite comfy, these look great with my new shorts!

This haul was successful, I have many (superficial) reasons to smile :)

The prettiest ballet flats (from Zara).
So sparkly & just sooo me :)

Stay tuned for more OOTD vids & posts feat. these new items!

I hope you enjoyed watching my haul & that you found it inspirational :)
I always looove to see other girl's hauls, so if you have a video response for me, just leave it under my video, I'd love to check it out :)

A big kisss from Italy,
xoxo Sonja


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