Tuesday 20 November 2012

Review: Dior Rosy Glow (Healthy Glow Awakening Blush)

Hello beauties!

Today I'd like to talk more about one product that absolutely won me over recently!
It's Dior Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush (001) and I got it a couple of weeks ago at my local Sephora.

Dior Rosy Glow comes in a posh velvet pouch :)

The colour is really pretty!

Want to hear more about this product?
Check out my video review here:

What makes this blush so special?

This is kind of a "magical" product, it's Dior's first blush that enhances your unique cheek colour for an ultra-natural and customized healthy glow effect.
The colour of the blush, once put on your cheeks, actually adjusts to your skin tone and skin type!
Rosy Glow adjusts to the moisture of each skin to make the cheeks blush in a very natural way, as if touched by a breath of fresh air!

Dior Rosy glow has got an ultra-fine powder texture and delicate rose fragrance.
The application of it is a moment of pure indulgence! :)

Dior Rosy Glow Swatch
Upon application, Rosy Glow reveals fresh and luminous colour that develops a rosy radiance to match each skin tone for an all-day ultra-natural, customized and healthy glow effect.

How to apply it?

Sweep the powder brush over the product a single time to take just the right amount of product, then apply delicately to the top of cheekbones.
The colour gradually intensifies as if by magic!
The result is ultra-natural, "customized" rosy glow.
If you want to accentuate the makeup result, sweep the powder over the cheekbones with the brush a second time (for a more vibrant colour result!)

I got this blush at my local Sephora, the product retails at 38€ (but I did have a 10%OFF coupon, luckily!)
It is an expensive product, but definitely worth it, if you're about to pamper yourself and treat yourself with a pure indulgence makeup :)
Every once in a while, we deserve it!
I do recommend it, I'm just sad it's so expensive, but this is what you can expect from a high end product...it always comes with a high price too :(

I hope this review was helpful!
If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me & I'll be happy to answer :)

On the other subject...just a quick, little update...

I mentioned yesterday, that I'm going to see my dr. about my thumb that I hurt a few weeks ago at work, and recently it got infected, it hurt bad and it was swollen...
Luckily, it's getting better, it doesn't hurt anymore, my doctor treated it, but it's still kind of weird feeling & swollen.
I guess that's the normal recovery process...
I should have been more careful and I should have taken the proper care of it as soon as I got injured! But it was such a tiny little cut that I overlooked it, I never thought this would be the result :(
Thank you all so much for keeping your fingers crossed for me! It meant a lot, as I do tend to freak out in these moments!

I'll talk to you soon, thanks for stopping by!

Kisss from Italy,

xoxo, S.


  1. ooh this color looks gorgeous!! :)


  2. Hi Haylie!
    It really is! And it looks even better on the face :)


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