Friday 30 November 2012

Empties #2 Products I've Used Up & My Thoughts On Them

Hello beauties!

I have a whole bunch of empties that I wanted to share with you today!
Actually, I have 15 empty containers of a different beauty products that I've used up over the past couple of weeks...or months? ;)
So I've decided to film my "Empties" video # 2, where I'm also giving you 15 mini- reviews (of all the products mentioned), and telling you my experience with these products, would I recommend them and why, and will I be repurchasing them!

Sounds like interesting & informative, doesn't it?

You can watch my video here:

Here are all the 15 containers, some of them I even cut open, just to be able to really use up every little bit of the product, lol! I really am that obsessed when it comes to using up products! None of it goes to waste! lol

Am I happy, or am I sad to have used up these products?
Find it out in my video! :)

I usually film "Empties" videos whenever I have 15 empty containers, so something tells me I'm going to put up "Empties #3" soon enough!
I have been using my beauty products diligently and I think soon I'll have plenty of material for a new video of this kind, and 15 new mini reviews!
That's the reason why I like doing "Empties" videos so much: I get to quickly tell you all about the products I was testing out and give you my opinions on them, we're really talking about 15 product reviews within only one video! :)

If you have a product that you've recently used up, but it's already again on your list of products to buy, share it with me!
I'd love to hear why do you love it so much, why would you recommend it?

I have already repurchased "I Provenzali Olio di semi di lino", "Roberts Rose Water" and "Nivea Pure & Natural deodorant"...and I have some other products already on my list "To Buy"... :)

I hope this was interesting!
Let me know, do you like videos of this kind/ blog post about the products I've used up?

Love from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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