Monday 17 June 2013

Empties # 8: Products I've Used Up & Mini Reviews!

Hello beauties!

We're already at "Empties #8" video and I have to congratulate to myself on using up all these products!
I hate to waste a product so I always try to use everything up, also because this means later on I can feature it in my "Empties" videos and hopefully give you guys some helpful little info/review/opinions on the products I've used up! :)

In my new "Empties" video, I'm also showing you a whole bunch of make up items that I managed to use up, which is super exciting because we all know how difficult it is to actually use up a make up item completely! :) So again, yeay for me!

Make up/ beauty products I manged to use up!

In the video, I'm also showing you a lot of body care products and some of my favourite shower gels from Balea brand!

You can watch my "Empties #8" video here, to find out more about these products:

(and please exceuse my tired face in the video, when I filmed this, I was suffering from a bad allergy (for an entire month!).
So no matter how much did I sleep, I still looked very tired (and I felt awful! I've never been so allregic to anything in my entire life, as I was at the beginning of this Spring! ughhh).

If anybody has any good remedy/cure for the allergies, please let me know! I want to be prepared for the next year! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Love from Italy,

xoxo, S.


  1. what Paint Pot is that Sonia?

    1. Mac rubenesque! I loved it so much! I used it quite a bit, I even hit a pan but then I "forgot" about it and it completely dried out on me! I tried reviving it but it didn't really look that good anymore when I tried to apply it on my eyelids :( bye bye rubenesque!!! I love cream eyeshadows and paint pots but I hate that they dry out so fast! ughh


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