Wednesday, 3 July 2013

All About Pedicure! ♥ Sexy Summer Feet ♥

Hi beauties!

We're in summer time, most of us getting ready for our vacations or just to hit the local beach and enjoy... but...what about our feet?! Are your feet ready for summer & to be exposed in summer footwear?

Mine are! :) I'm taking care of my feet whole year round, once a week I'll do a pedicure and just dedicate a bit of my time free to pampering my feet! I think this is extremely important because your feet will be soft and look good no matter if you need to expose them in sandals, or cover them up in some warmer socks and boots! They'll look & feel good all year round!

In summer time, I like to play with fun & bright nail polish colours and switch them up every week, when doing my pedicure!

My feet are ready for a vacation! :)

As far as I can remember, I went to have a professional pedicure done, only once in my life! And even then, my beautician told me there is nothing much she needs to do here and she wished all her clients had feet that are so well taken care of :)
I took this as a big compliment, and that one pedicure session only taught me some little tips & tricks on how to easily take care of my feet at home!

Today I'd like to share some of these tips with you and show you how you can do your own pedicure at home, have beautiful feet all year- round, and save up some money! 
(If you always have your pedicure professionally done, it can add up and become quite expensive!)

Don't miss out on my new beauty video, where I'm talking about my pedicure, and showing you step-by-step, how I do my pedicure at home!

My "pretty feet" kit

I love this foot bath with birch & rosemary extract by Kozmetika Afrodita (slovenian brand)
Avon Foot Works line always has some great foot care products!

In colder months, I usually wear a neutral colour of the nail polish on my feet, and then, in summertime, I like to play with colour!

My foot "bath-tub" is by a brand Laica and I got it in one italian supermarket, almost 6 years ago, it cost only 30€ cca, and it still works pretty great! :)

Testing out a new nail polish on my feet...this one goes well with the colour of my trikini! ;)

I hope the tips that I shared with you in my video were helpful!

Do you have a favourite product for your feet? How do you take care of your feet?

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