Thursday 3 October 2013

How I Stay Fit? Quick & Healthy Salad Recipe!

Hi beauties!

You asked me to talk to you a bit more about my diet & fitness I made this video where I'm showing you some simple ways how to stay fit.

When I'm at home, I like to have a fresh salad with mixed vegetables and cheese for lunch. It's a very light, but healthy meal. (But if I'm working long hours, of course I need something that will give me more energy for the day...)

I also try to always stay motivated to keep excercising on my home stepper (it's not always easy, especially when the colder days arrive, I tend to be like a lazy bear...but I noticed after my workout I feel so much better, energised, stronger physically and mentally, and more optimistic about everything!).
So I strongly advise you to workout, even just simple, at home excercises!

In this video I'm talking to you a bit more in depth about my workout routine & I'm sharing with you one quick & simple recipe for a healthy, fresh salad:

Healthy salad recipe:

Rocket salad, tomatoes (or better, cherry tomatoes!), black olives, feta cheese, fiocchi di latte cheese, olive oil...
(add other ingredients of your preference...I also like to add a fresh cucumber sometimes)

Oregano and bruschetta bread will make this salad extra delicious!

My salad is ready! :)

This is especially good recipe for hotter months, now that we're heading towards the colder days, my body craves warm meals more often, but I'll still enjoy preparing this salad at least once a week (this can also be a delicious side salad to your main meal!)

I hope you enjoyed this recipe! If you prepare this salad, take a pic of it & post it on my FACEBOOK page! I'd love to see how did your salad turn out! :)

Kiss from Italy,

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