Monday 21 October 2013

Easy Hair Tutorial: Twist Around Side Braid

Hello beauties!

Today I'd like to share with you one quick and simple, yet creative hairstyle tutorial!

This hairstyle will "save your life" on a bad hair day (and we all do get our fair share of those, regardless of the length, structure, or colour of our hair, lol!)
I remember being quite desperate whenever I was having a bad hair day, but, with time, I lerned to fake it, and now I have a few favourite (easy-to-do) hairstyles, that always work on a "bad-hair day" situation!

This twist-around side braid (it looks like a braid, but it's actually a pony tail!)always gets me compliments and questions on how it's done!

I wouldn't be a real beauty blogger, if I wanted to keep a secret all to myself, so here I'm sharing it with you... ;)

Click on the video to watch my easy, step-by-step tutorial:

People always compliment me on this hairstyle and ask for a tutorial!

I think this hairstyle looks even better on whoever has highlighted hair, because when you're twisting your hair, lighter & darker shades will mix and your hair will gain a certain dimension & look even more chic! ;)

I like to "mess up a bit" my twist around side braid/ pony tail, by pulling it gently at the sides
 (as shown in the tutorial)
and making it more voluminous!

Use clear, "invisible" hair elastics for this hairstyle.
You don't want them to be very noticeable in your hair!
The less visible, the better!
(I get these hair elastics at my local drugstore/supermarket/beauty supplies store/even H&M occasionally holds these!)

I really hope this was helpful and that you're going to try out this hairstyle on your next bad hair day!
Remember, your hair doesn't need to be super long to be able to pull off this hairstyle!

If you do this hairstyle, you can share your pic with me, by posting it on my facebook page! (& let's be friends there!!!)

Make sure to leave me your requests for my future beauty related videos! :) I always ♥ to hear from you!

Kiss from Italy,

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