Monday 24 February 2014

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara Review

Hello everyone & happy monday! :)

Today's blog post is going to be a review of my favourite mascara at the moment: Le Volume de Chanel.

This mascara has exceeded all my expectations, that's why I've decided to do a separate review of it, and not to just mention it in my monthly favourites (which, btw. I haven't filmed for a while...)

I got the sample size of this mascara in italian fashion magazine, and it's in a shade 10 noir (black).
This mascara really is something else! With just one coat, it makes your lashes stand out and they appear longer and more volumized!
I have very fair eyelashes and when I don't wear mascara, they just don't stand out :( Because they're so light in colour, they appear shorter than they actually are, so a good mascara is one of my beauty must- haves!

I need a mascara that will darken my eyelashes, make them appear longer, thicker and more volumized!
Also, I don't want my mascara to give me "spidery lashes effect", to clump, smudge, transfer onto my eyelids, or dry out on me too soon!
So yes, I have pretty high expectations when it comes to my perfect mascara :) In the past, I have always combined two, or even three different mascaras to obtain these results...but this has changed since I met Le Volume de Chanel! :)
Now, in only one single coat, I already have amazing results!

I actually filmed the moment I first tried it out (I was filming a make up tutorial), so you can see my first impressions (and also hear more detailed review/my thoughts of this mascara), here:

This mascara is expensive, as all Chanel products are...I think this is the only downside of it!
Because there are pretty good drugstore mascaras that are also reasonably priced, I'm still having second thoughts about purchasing the full size of this mascara...
Mascara is the make up item that probably expires first, and when I pay more money for a make up item, I hope to be able to enjoy it for a longer period of time!
If you don't need to worry about how much you spend, or stay within your budget...then...(lucky you!)...I definitely recommend you to get this mascara!

Amazing results!
Le Volume de Chanel mascara ♥

I hope this review was helpful!

Before you go, I'd like to ask you a question:

Have you ever tried out any of Chanel mascaras? Which one is your favourite?

If you have any requests for my upcoming beauty videos/blog post, leave them to me in the comments, or contact me via facebook!

Kiss from Italy,


  1. nisam nažalost još probala niti jednu Chanel maskaru :/ ali nadam se da budem u budućnosti :D
    prekrasne fotografije :)

    1. Hvala puno! Meni je ovo prva Chanelova maskara koju sam probala i zaista me je osvojila! Steta sto su toliko skupe, ima puno dobrih drugstore maskara tako da se nisam jos odlucila kupiti full size verziju ove Chanelove... :/


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