Thursday 23 November 2017

BEEMOM Silicone Breast Pump Review & Will Breast Size Affect Milk Production?

Hello mommas!

Today's post is all mommy related; I'm going to share with you one of my newborn baby essentials (essentials for all moms who are breastfeeding)!

As I've mentioned before, I'm thinking of doing a list of my newborn baby's essentials (I just need to find a bit of time, to talk to you about the products that were very useful to me & my baby in the first months of his life). 

Until then, I'm going to name one: Breast pump!
I didn't get a breast pump whilst I was still pregnant (you know how you usually buy things for the baby before you give birth, just to be prepared), because I didn't think I would need it.
As a first time mom, I really didn't know what to expect when it comes to breastfeeding, and I didn't want to spend money on things that weren't really necessary (you know how these days, shops tend to sell you millions of things that they claim are must haves for a newborn baby, when, truth to be told, newborn baby doesn't really need that much!).

But, when I gave birth, and started my breastfeeding journey, I realized that breast pump is going to be one of those products that I need to have!
I have inverted nipples and my baby wasn't able to latch (you can hear more about my story, and how I was able to transfer from mostly formula, to exclusively breastfeeding here), so I sent my hubby to get me one of those manual breast pumps, which turned out to be of a great help!

Breast pumps are also helpful if you have too much milk, and you want to express and store it in the fridge/ freezer for later, or if you have to go away for a couple of hours and you want to leave the task of feeding your baby to your partner, or other family members.
It's always good to look for an easy to use and clean, and portable and convenient breast pump.

Recently, I got in touch with and was able to test their silicone breast pump that is made of 100% food grade silicone and has 4 ounces/ 100 ml milk collection capacity.
It is designed to accomodate different breast sizes, and it works based on natural suction ability.
 It's also convenient to use when you're breastfeeding your baby, by attaching it to your other breast, you can easily collect all the milk let down, that would usually go to waste.

Beemom breast pump is available through their website, or through Amazon, currently on promotion for £ 9.99

How can you benefit from owning your very own Manual Breast Pump? 10 MAIN reasons... 

1. Provide breast milk for your little one for longer making sure he grows HEALTHY, STRONG and PROTECTED against illness and infections. 
2. Allow your baby to have breast milk even when you're not around. 
3. SAVE HUNDREDS of euro on formula. 
4. Allow dad or other family members to feed the baby.
5. Need to return to work. 
6. Have an emergency supply.
7. Relieve pain from engorgement. 
8. Maintain your milk supply. 
9. Alternate between breast and bottle.
10. Take your Breast Pump anywhere. It´s small and portable allowing you to take it to work and anywhere you go. 

But is more than just a webstore that sells silicine breast pumps, and here is a little intro about them & their work:

"BeeMom is a new mom brand that has gone beyond only delivering products for new moms.
We provide Moms with relevant information around breastfeeding, pregnancy, parenting, maternity and newborn babies. We ultimately want to help new moms grow their knowledge regarding maternity and also bring to market products and services that our community needs and love..."

Premium Silicone Manual Breastpump | Breast Milk Pump 

• Designed to MIMIC baby´s sucking creating a natural and more comfortable experience. 
• A perfect solution for moms that don´t want to deprive their little ones of their breast milk, but need to work or are on the go. 
• More affordable, smaller, lighter and quieter than electric breast pumps and often quicker too. 
• Really Easy to Clean
• Collect "let-down" / breast milk leaks. 
• No motor noise to disturb the baby. 
• No need for electricity allowing you to pump anywhere at any time.
• You CONTROL the suction yourself making sure the pump doesn´t hurt or cause you any pain. 
• Accommodates different breast sizes. 

I immediately knew I wanted to collaborate with them to spread the word about their product and their community, as I know I got most of the information I needed to successfully breastfeed my child, through the right internet sources.
Unfortunately, hospital staff was "too busy" to give me needed support when it came to my inverted nipples "problem", and my Mom and my Grandmother believed that, because of my small breasts, I wouldn't be able to produce enough milk to provide for my baby's food needs.
I also grew up with this belief, but, after I read informative articles about breastfeeding, I realized this was a big misconception, and that, breast size really doesn't have anything to do with milk production. I now know what, with the right support, majority of women can provide exclusively for their baby's food needs. Only a small percentage isn't able to breastfeed and mostly it's because some sort of anomaly or illness.

I hope this post was helpful to all of you, breastfeeding mommas, and all mommas to be!
For more interesting, informative and helpful articles, please visit Beemom blog, where you'll learn more about what do babies need to breastfeed, laid- back breastfeeding positions, what NOT to say to a breastfeeding mom, how to stimulate breast milk let down and take advantage of it etc., etc.

I also made a video review showing you Beemom silicone breast pump and talking about my breastfeeding journey:

If you have any questions on the subject, or suggestions for my next "mommy related" post, please feel free to share them in the comments' section!

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