Wednesday 15 November 2017

My pregnancy story & parenting

Hi mammas!

The ones of you who follow my blog for longer period of time, will know that I gave birth in January this year and that my little son is now almost 10 months old!
Time truly flies by so quickly!

Looking back at my pregnancy, and the past (almost) 10 months spent with my son, it truly was and is the best time of my life! I feel like a completely different person after giving birth, never happier, never more at peace with myself.
If there was a way to go back in time when I was pregnant, and leave myself a message, it would be to just relax and enjoy the most special moments of my life. Growing a little human, feeling him progressing day by day inside of your truly is something magical.

I was very anxious and scared about how everything would turn out: I was so worried that something goes wrong during my pregnancy, and was also overwhelmed with fear of childbirth and having to go to the hospital. Also, every single exam and blood draw that I needed to take, was making me faint a little!

I consider myself so lucky that I actually had a beautiful, completely natural childbirth. It was all I ever wanted (I refused any thought of getting an epidural and was worried if something goes wrong I'd have to undergo the cesarian section; those two possibilities were freaking me out throughout my entire pregnancy!).

I documented all my fears and my entire pregnancy and "becoming a mum" journey, very openly and honestly, in my pregnancy vlogs and videos. I'm very glad that I still receive messages of mums and mums to be, telling me how they find my vlogs helpful with their own journey.

One thing that made my whole journey easier was the fact that I told to myself to live it day by day. If today everything was fine with my pregnancy, there was no reason for me to worry about tomorrow, but there was every reason to fully enjoy today. This was my guideline that helped me a lot during the time I felt extra anxious about the outcome of this new life's "adventure".

I also find helpful websites dedicated to new Mums and blogs where Mums are sharing their tips and experiences. Don't read the horror stories, but concentrate on positive messages and constructive tips!

After I gave birth, I looked up on-line for different topics regarding my child's development. It's hard when it's only you and your hubby and no one else to turn to for an experienced advice (my Mum lives in another country!).

Checkpregnancy is one of those helpful spots for all the new Mums and the ones looking for advices on different topics, regarding babies, getting pregnant, parenting, reviews on different products, and women's health.
Women's health is definitely crucial for healthy pregnancy and safe childbirth.
Websites that offer advices and tips on many different aspects of women's and Mum's life, are always gladly recommended by me.

During your baby's development, you'll come across different topics that will be of your interest, from swaddling (have you ever tried that with your baby? My son was swaddled only in the hospital, right after he was born, by the hospital nurses, but we never tried it at home!)
If you're interested to find out more about swaddling, you can read more here!

Also, when my son was around 4-5 months old and he started to be more active in terms that he could move more, roll from one side to another and trying to crawl, I realized that I need to get him a box...with every stage of his development, other needs would come up. I was learning, and still am, day by day.

I would always do a little internet research and comparison by checking other Mum's reviews, for example, I'd look up the top pack n play 2017 when we were buying his first box.
We opted for a sleep n play that's easily transported because we needed something that is easy to pack for when we travel to Croatia.
Nowdays, my son is excercising his first steps, so we upgraded to a much bigger box, where our entire family fits in :-)) so he has so much space to play!

I hope I can keep bringing you more recommendations when it comes to all these Mum related topics!

If you have any questions you'd like to ask me, feel free to leave them in your comments!

* post in collaboration with checkpregnancy


  1. I thins that is very interesting story and I love it ❤️❤️❤️

    I follow you: Visit and follow ----> Marija's blog

  2. It is hard to believe that it has been ten months already! I still remember watching your YouTube videos detailing your experiences as you went through pregnancy. So glad that everything went well and that you are so happy now. You deserve all the happiness in the world <3


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