Saturday 17 March 2018

How-To: Tone Yellow, Brassy, Orange Hair With Purple Shampoo | Toning Hair With Purple Shampoo

Hello beauties!

It's already March and spring is knocking on our doors, It's time to awaken from that long winter's sleep, just as nature does. This goes for our skin and hair too! That's why I decided to dedicate my posts this month to skincare and hair care related topics.
I often get asked how I tone my hair after coloring it at home and which products I use.
I tried some products that weren't that effective but then I discovered that toning hair with purple shampoo actually gives great results!

In this video I share with you how I tone my hair at home using silver, purple shampoo.

This is, I would call it "a hair vlog" about how to tone yellow, brassy, orange hair with purple shampoo. I currently use Bapp Silver Shampoo from a local drugstore. I got it some time ago together with a purple mask from the same line.

Has anyone ever tried it?

I thought that purple shampoos are pretty much all effective in the same way, but when I googled it I found out that this particular one did not get good reviews online, so next time I'm going to try using a different brand, hopefully to get even better results!
If you have experience with using purple shampoos let me know is there a significant difference from one brand to another?
Which one would you recommend? I heard that L'Oreal has a great one!

Anyway, the difference is still visible, even with this Bapp one!

BEFORE- unflattering, brassy roots :-/

AFTER -  several treatments later, nice shade of blonde :-)

How I Use Purple Shampoo:

I usually mix it with a white mask or hair conditioner, apply on dry hair, wait for 30 minutes or longer (if I have time) and then proceed with washing my hair as usual.
Otherwise, if I don't have time to apply it as a mask, I'll shampoo my hair with it, leave it on for a few minutes (as I do with a conditioner) and then I'll go on and rinse it.
I find that the first method works more intensely and in a few sessions I can get my hair from brassy to lovely blonde.

I hope this was helpful!

xo from Italy,

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