Thursday 17 January 2019

My 8 Favourite Nail Polishes For Winter Season

Hello beauties!

I usually don't have time to always have painted nails (mom life ha!), so I usually stick to a clear nail polish that also cares for my nails but during the weekends, when I'm at work, I decided to make an extra effort and find the time to wear these beautiful shades:

Red is a must in winter time, especially during the festive season! It makes you look and feel very feminine and put together and it's also said to bring luck in the New year!

I also enjoy wearing sparkly and glittery nail polishes: I love these two shades and they're also very long lasting, which is an added bonus, since I don't have much time to change nail polishes, but I do want them to look pretty.

Glitter top coats are ideal when you want to spice up your regular nail polish, jazz it up a bit! :-)

This is such a pretty shade, it makes your nails look ultra glam, as if you were wearing jewels on your nails, and it has such a high shine!

My last two faves are by Kiko and OPI.
These are also the brands that I prefer when I'm picking my nail polish.
I also like essie, but I have mostly neutral shades from this brand, ideal for everyday wear.

When I'm at work, and work with clients, I like to dedicate special care to my nails and hands, knowing that they look nice, makes me feel more confident and at ease.
In this cold winter period, let me remind you to always use a good hand cream, especially when you go outside and before going to bed! Yves Rocher is one of my favourite brands for a good nourishing hand cream.

I hope this inspired you!
Let me know, which shade of nail polish do you prefer to wear during winter?

xo from Italy,

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