Wednesday 9 January 2019

Popreal fashion haul for my toddler boy!

Hello lovelies!

First post in the New year, I know it's been a while, but I was away on a little family vacation in Croatia and I didn't find time to blog sooner!
I hope you all had a great start to this New 2019. and that it'll be an amazing one, to all of us :-)

In this post, I'd like to show you a little fashion haul that I made in collaboration with Popreal 
I already worked with them in this outfit video, so check it out if you haven't yet, because there I featured a cool '90.ies Vintage OOTD, Casual Mommy Style.

When I was placing my second order, I decided to treat my little one: He's growing so fast, I buy things for him constantly!
Popreal is a web store that offers cheap, but very cute kids clothes. To me, when purchasing clothes for my little one,  quality is essential! I always check that the clothes are made of natural fibres and well made, that's more important to me than the fashion aspect. They need to be comfy and functional.
Also, as he outgrows everything so fast, there is really no need in spending so much money.
At Popreal, all my standards are satisfied.
Let me show you what did I get for my little son:

A cute little berret "I love Mama" for only $ 3.66

A pair of light wash ripped blue jeans, that will be perfect in spring time! $ 11.55

Cartoon shark print round neck top $ 9.31

I ordered size 100 in all these items and they'll be great even after a couple of months from now, since they're a bit big. You can check the measurement chart on their site and it's quite accurate. I purposely wanted to get a slightly bigger items to him, so he can wear them this upcoming spring.

Everything is 100% cotton and well made.
However, there was one item missing from my order, and I received no explanation for this:

I'm currently waiting on a reply from their customer's service about why is this item missing from my order, and about refund/ possibility to get another item if this one went out of stock in the meanwhile!
I'll keep you guys updated!

The shipping cost is quite high, considering the fact that the items are actually quite affordable, I wasn't expecting to pay $ 23.08 for the shipping, out of my $ 60 budget.

I'm pleased with the clothes I ordered, I just wished the shipping was more affordable and that I got some info about the item in my order getting sold out and being offered an alternative.

Have you ever shopped at Popreal? What was your experience?

* in collaboration with Popreal

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