Monday 20 April 2020

Comfy Chic Lockdown Style: Femme Luxe Loungewear Sets!

Hello loves!

How are you all doing?
I'm doing fine, there are some good days and some days when I feel a bit blue and wonder when things are going to get back to normal.
But, I'm really trying to stay positive and focus on being creative, and make the most out of the time that I have, to work on creating content for my youtube, blog and instagram, or just to relax and unwind by watching a good tv show (btw, any recommendations? leave them to me in the comments!), and just take care of myself and my loved ones!

Since we're all spending most of our time in, I thought I'd give you some loungewear recommendations, from my favourite fashion brand, Femme Luxe. They currently have amazing selection of stylish, comfy and cozy sets at super affordable prices!

I think it's important to look cute and take care of yourself even if you're just staying in, because this will mentally help you to feel better about yourself and about the world in general!

The loungewear sets that I ordered from femmeluxefinery  are very comfy and cozy and I'm really enjoying wearing them at home.
Loungewear sets are very popular at the moment, as we're all pretty much dealing with the same situation and spending most of our time in our sweats, at home.

The first set that I ordered is grey tie front cuffed sleeve leggings loungewear set- Eliza. I choose size S/M (8/10), colour Grey. It's super soft, cozy and comfy, and very cute! It's also quite stretchy, so size S/M will definitely fit anyone from XS to M, no worries about that!

I tried to give you the link to this set, but currently appears to be sold out (loungewear sets are selling so fast these days, no wonder why!), so here I'm offering you a good alternative:

Grey Loungewear Tracksuit Set- Maria and it comes in black, khaki, wine and beige option too!

Next super cute set is this Houndstooth Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set - Lacy 

I ordered this one too, in a size S/M (8/10), and it fits perfectly! It's again very stretchy and comfy and it has quite a large fit, I'd say. Even if you're M/L, this size should fit you!

These sets are so stylish and well made, you can even wear them outside, for grocery shopping, running errands, everyday activities etc.

This set too, is unfortunately currently out of stock, but it'll be back soon!
I found a good alternative in this Snake Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set - Lacy 

It's actually the same model, just different pattern.
This model also comes in black, camel, khaki, white, grey, rust, rose and brown check. That's a variety of different colours, so I'm sure you'll find something for yourself!

My last pick from this order is Sage Satin Ruched Side Slip Mini Dress- Maeve, size 8, colour Sage

This cute dress also comes in black, red, rust and brown leopard colour options/ prints. I decided to go for this pretty sage colour because it reminds me of spring season, and the colour goes well against my pale skin.
I'd also like to wear this dress for going out, not only for lounging around the house.
For everyday, I'd style it over a simple white basic cotton tee, and jeggings!

Those are my newest picks that made me really cheerful when they arrived, as I was able to update my style even for just lounging around the house :-)
As I've mentioned before, all these items I'm going to be able to wear even for outside, as they're so cool and indeed well made.

I also ordered a pair of joggers but they didn't arrive in my order, as unfortunately they got sold out :-/

I really like these Dark Grey Cuffed Joggers - Lizzie, but they have so much more models and different colour options, so definitely take a peek!

In my next order I'll definitely pick some basic T shirts as Femme Luxe offers very cute print basic tees, that are ideal for everyday wear and you can style them with everything.

I hope you liked this "New In", let me know which set/ item did you prefer!

xo from Italy,

* in collaboration with femmeluxefinery


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