Friday 12 June 2020


Hello lovelies!

I have a new video up on my channel, in which I talk about my experience in using high lift hair colour and 40. volume developer (oxidizing cream) at home, in attempt to get that perfect blonde hair! I've been trying to learn how to colour my hair blonde at home (well, touch up my roots, because the rest - the length, I mean, is my hairdresser's merit, I can't take credit for that!), to save up some money (going at hairdresser's can be quite expensive!), but also because I don't really have time to go to a hairdresser's salon and sit there for hours. Now that we were in quarantene for months, it seemed like the right timing to finally try to learn how to get (or at least come close to) that professional result at home!
I used professional hair colours by Kay Pro, from Caviar Supreme line. 
Before I got started, I also informed myself about what high lift hair colour actually is and how it works, and what is the difference between high lift hair colour and bleach.

You can learn more in my video here:

This is my kit for hair colouring!

I mix 11.1 Superlight Blonde Platinum Ash with 10.1 Blonde Platinum Ash Extra to get better result

This time, I used vol. 40, because I was hoping to get better result, without yellow/orange hues

I placed on-line order at Beauty&Co. and got all the professional products that I needed to have the best possible result

I mixed 50 ml of 11.1 with 25 ml of 10.1 (total of 75ml of the colour) with 100 ml of 40 vol developer
(but I was advised to use more oxidizing cream the next time, as with high lift colours, the ratio is 1:2, so I gues I should be using the 150 ml, if I got it right!)

The result (screenshots from my video)

I was pleased with the result, but it ended up even better after I toned it with Schwarzkopf Ashy Blonde toner:

See the result here (& also check out my review of this toner):

Blonde hair needs some extra love, so here is how I take care of it:

I hope this post was helpful if you're looking on how to colour your hair at home like a pro! :-) 
Good luck!


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