Monday 18 January 2021

OOTD feat. Shewin: Oversize Fluffy Fleece Pullover


Hello lovelies!

Today I have another outfit post for you, in collaboration with Shewin. This week I'll be posting a Shewin try on haul, where I'm showing you the items I picked out and also how I styled them.

I hope it's going to be fun and inspiring for you :-)

In this post I'm showing you the warmest fluffy fleece pullover. I ordered it in a size M because I wanted it to have oversized fit andbe extremely comfy!

This is how I styled it:

I'm wearing:

Fluffy oversized sweater: Shewin

Levi's jeans (demi curve):

Boots: Mtng (from "Quello Giusto" store)

Carhartt beanie

I wear this pullover all the time, even for lounging at home, because it's sooo cozy and warm! I truly recommend it!

Shewin products are parity, cheap and good quality, so I definitely suggest you to check them out :-)

I did a more thorough review in a video, here:

I hope you like this outfit idea, for cold winter weather!

I'll be back soon with more outfit ideas feat. Shewin :-)

Stay positive!


  1. Beautiful fluffy oversized sweater. I like the color too. Your photos are beautiful.

    Greetings from Indonesia

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