Friday 15 January 2021

Shapewear news and trends: How to look and feel great in the clothes you're wearing!

 Hello lovelies!

Today I have another post for you, this one is fashion oriented!

I teamed up with Feelingirl shapewear to bring you some fashion news and tips and tricks on how to look your best in the clothes you're wearing.

Often after holidays we found ourselves out of shape, with a few kg extra, that we promise ourselves we'd loose by the end of January. But, as we're basically again in yet another lockdown (when we were ever out of it, I wonder?), gyms are closed, sport is banned, we're recommended to stay in, it's hard to be active.

It's a blessing if you have a little bit of a frontyard, or backyard, and nice and sunny weather, so you can actually go outside and spend some time in the sun and be active.

I also recommend you to do some at home excercising, if possible, just to get that energy flow and move your body a bit.

I think the important thing is to try and find the motivation! By excercising you can get great results, visible on your body, and on your mood. You can also get a little bit of a help with latex waist trainer, and on feelingirl website, you can find a big selection of really cool ones, that will really help you out in shaping your body.

You can use it when excercising for better results!

You can find waist trainers in different colors and patterns, from simple black ones, to more fun print ones!

Along with excercising, healthy diet is extremely important if you want to be healthy and look great!

Remeber to bring into your diet lots of fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water. I love to eat various food, but I try to avoid sweets and fried food, and pre cooked meals.

At feelingirl you can also find post surgical compression body shaper, in case your doctor recommended it to you for a faster / easier recovery.

If you like to wear very formfitting clothes, these types of undergarments can be of a great help!

These are shape hourglass figure high waisted butt lifter panties, they're a must under tight dresses, skirts or pants, as they'll give your body a perfect shape, yet they're completely seamless under your clothes.

Those were some of my suggestions and tips when it comes to body shaping underwear and waist trainers.

I hope some of you might find this article helpful.

For more info, make sure to check out feelingirl's web store.

* in collaboration with Feelingirl


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