Tuesday 11 January 2011

Review: Dior Backstage Make Up Brush Kit

Hello girls!
I reviewed my favourite brushes, from Dior Backstage Make Up kit, for you!
You can watch my video here:

 I honestly am in <3 with these brushes, I use them on a daily basis to do my make up& I believe having these brushes really makes a difference in the final result of how my make up looks like!
Let me present you with the brushes:
It's so easy to just bring along this kit with me, whenever I'm travelling!


They're all so pretty but also very good quality!

Dior Blush brush

Dior Face Brush (I use it to apply my compact or loose powder with)

Dior Eyeshadow brush

Dior eyeliner brush

Dior lipstick brush

The lipstick brush is retractable

I first bought only the Dior blush brush, because I wanted to test them out& see if the quality is really worth the price (at Sephora it retails at cca 70-90 euros. I'm not exactly sure, and, I know I had some kind of discount again!).
I've been using my blush brush for a while and I have been very happy with it, so a few months ago (or even more!) I've decided to make a purchase of the entire Backstage Make Up brushes kit!
I'm honestly using these brushes every single day, I have experienced no shedding, they'll provide you with the perfect application& the overall result is always flawless!
I'm telling you, this is LOVE! ;)

I have washed them so many times, but they always remain in the perfect condition& shape.
I've been always using just a mild soap& lukewarm water.

MissTrendyKitty recommends!
Definitely a thums up for this kit!

What is your favourite brand of make up brushes?
Do you have your must-have brush that you're absolutely in love with? ;)

I'll talk to you soon!
Have a nice day :)


  1. Hi Sonja! What pretty brushes! I was given a brush set years ago that was very nice and I have ordered a brush set...but I think my favs were big fluffy ones that came with kits and Kabuki brushes and then some flat ones...all diff. shapes to apply eyeliner, shadow...most came with the products.xxoo

  2. So know you have two blush brushes? Do you use both? I am considering getting this set because I own the blush brush and love it but having two?

    1. Yes, I have two, and I use both :) You'll see the extra one will come in handy, for a different colour blush! A makeup loving girl can never have too many makeup brushes, right? ;)
      I'm still loving the entire kit & I'm using these brushes daily!
      I hope this helped :)


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