Sunday 16 January 2011

Trendy Item Alert: Red Winter Coat& How To Style It!

There was just one item on my wish list for this year Winter sales!
A super trendy red coat!
I was really fortunate that I managed to get a hold of the coat that I wanted since it first arrived in the stores, at the beginning of this season!
Full price: 69.95 euros
Sales price: 15.00 euros!!!
There was only one left, in a size a bit bigger than I normally wear, but I decided to try it anyways fit so well!
I believe a red coat is perfect for a gloomy autumn& winter days!

You can see my fashion video feat. my new red coat if you click on the link bellow:

Oh, and if you're wondering where did I buy this coat, the answer is: H&M!

I'm loving my new read coat!

15 € on a sale, such a steal!

And here are some pics of how I styled this coat:

Styling #1

Sexy everyday look ;)

Top& Cardigan: Intimissimi
Belt: Topshop
Skinny jeans: H&M
Styling #2

Movies& Dinner Date! :)

Grey top: Stradivarius
Blue Jeggings: H&M

And, styling #3

Chic chick!

Total black with a pop of colour!
Loving my red coat& cheetah print hat!
Black vest: H&M
Black pants/jeans,shiny material: H&M
Black bow belt: H&M
Cheetah print hat: H&M
This seems like a commercial for H&M lol!!
So, that was it!
I'm also very satisfied with the model of this coat (double chest, military style inspired) and with it's quality (warm wool).
As I've said, for 15 € this was such a steal!
MissTrendyKitty recommends: If in your wardrobe you already have a black or grey coat& this winter you're looking to buy another coat, go for a pop of colour in your wardrobe, go for a trendy RED coat!
Which will basically, never go out of style, because red is always a trendy colour to wear, especially in cold fall& winter days!

Stay stylish& brighten your winter with a pop of colour!



  1. Jako mi se svidja kako ukombinujes istustvar na razlicite nacine,Kaput je predobar,a imas i figuru za 5+

  2. How beautiful you look, in that red coat and all the ways you styled it...just beautiful! I love the style, color of the red, and all outfits worn with it. Great choice!xx


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