Thursday 21 April 2011

My Current Favourites (April, 2011.)

Hello lovelies!

Past week, I filmed a video featuring my current favourites & the products that I find myself reaching for on a daily basis, because I just love them so much!
I filmed this when I had a swollen tonsils, so exceuse my weird voice & tired appearance.
Now I feel even worse because I have an ear infection and it's been bugging me since past Thursday
(I may have to go to the specialist's to see what's going on. It's been 6 days that I'm taking the antibiotics and still no major improvement. I'm such a chicken when it comes to doctors- even though my Mum is one (doctor, not chicken, lol)- I always have panick attacks & the worst case scenario going on inside my head!)

Anyway, back to the beauty topic...and I'll update you on my health later!

In my video, in wearing a fishtail braid.
Whenever I wear this hairstyle, I get so many questions on how did I do this braid...
People think it's something really complicated, but actually it's not!
Doing a fishtail isn't any more difficult than braiding a normal braid (it just may require a bit more time than when braiding a regular braid, but this depends on the lenght of your hair!)
I have a video tutorial, where I explain & show how to do a fishtail!
For those of you who haven't seen it yet, just click on the play button bellow & enjoy watching ;)

And now, on to my April Favies!

- Nivea Pure & Natural Action deodorant (THANK YOU Nivea for this product! FINALLY, a deodorant WITHOUT HARMFUL ALUMINUM, that actually does its job and works in preventing body odours!)

- Dior Instant Cleansing Water with pure lily extract (Instead of removing my make it with it, I use it in the mornings instead of a toner. It is awesome for removing make up, especially under the eyes, but I just love the way it feels on my face in the mornings, so refreshing!)

- Nivea Visage Summer Beauty (My daily moisturizer with a bit of self tanner, for a sun-kissed skin all year round. I actually bought this by mistake!!! I was going for the Nivea Visage tinted moisturizer, and given the fact that these are so similar in packaging, and that I wasn't paying enough attention, I got the wrong product! It was sitting in my cabinet for a while, but now  finally I've decided to give it a go &...& I actually quite like it!)
It hasn't been breaking me out or clogging my pores. It works slowly and builds up your tan gradually.

- Essence Pure Skin Anti- Spot Intensive Night Treatment
- Essence Pureskin Spot Fighting Duo
- Essence Pure Teint Cover Stick (02 Sand)

All the essence products work miraculously on my skin! They really are effective when it comes to fighting blemishes and breakouts! They also calm my skin and never leave it dry or irritated!
I'm very happy with all these three products! Even more so given the fact that these were only 0.99 eurocents each! In March, Oviesse stores in Italy, had certain essence products in promotion for only 0.99 €.
I've resisted to buying more make up & I opted for the "Pure Skin" line of skin care instead.
Even at a regular price, these products are quite inexpensive (price range from 2.50- 4.00 €)
I definitely recommend these for all of you prone to breakouts & bad skin!

I was in a search for a good under eye cream and I'm so pleased with CLINIQUE's ALL ABOUT EYES gel- cream. It comes in a rich version as well, but I got mine in a travel kit together with other two products by Clinique. These kits only had a gel version of All About Eyes cream.
However I think this is the right choice for me now, as warmer months are arriving, I think gel version is better for me right now. I might switch up to the rich version with the arrival of Winter and very cold weather.
I bough this cream in a travel size kit, 7ml plus other two Clinique products, price 11 €.
The original size of the cream is 15 ml and just the cream alone retails at cca 30 € (You do the math here, but it seems to me I got myself quite a deal here ;) )

This month I'm also loving:
- Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation (I love the shade 030 Sand when it comes to Maybelline foundations).
This foundation can stand side by side to any high end foundations!

- Helena Rubinstein Illumination natural radiance reviving loose powder 

- N.Y.C. New York Color Matte Bronzer (720A Sunny)

- Deborah D-blush (02 Peach Blossom)

- Hourglass  Superficial lash Carbon (I'm in <3 with this mascara!!! When I first saw the brush, I wasn't too excited about it, but when I actually tried it, I fell in love! Thank you Tali for sending this mascara to me!
It lenghtens, separates and curves my lashes! <3 <3 <3 !!!)

- Garnier Roll-on anti- dark circles 
Watch my full review here:

- Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant stick spf 15

- MAC Irridescent powder/loose in Silver Dusk
(I have to do a separate video on this product, this is how much I like it & there are different ways how you can use it, all very interesting! I will share, I promise!)

Born Pretty blush brush ( I use this brush to delicately apply my MAC loose powder under my eyes.)

- Divine "Oh So Special" eye shadow palette by Sleek Make Up (One word: GORGEOUS!!!)

My favourite nail polish colours of the moment are these three (all very nice, bright, girly & Springtime inspired!):

- Emily (at Schlecker drugstores) # 107 Papaya
- Kiko Make Up Milano # 147
- NARS Orgasm

That's all as far as my April favourites are concerned!
A LOT, I know!
But I haven't done my monthly favourites since when? January?
If you'd like a separate & more detailed review on any of these products, just leave me a comment, I'll be pleased to do so.

Also, about the make up that I was wearing in my CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT April Favies video...
Most of the colours are from my new Sleek "Oh So Special" palette.
This is how the make up looks like:

Would you like me to do a tutorial of this look?

xoxo, Sonja


  1. Hi Sonja! You look SO pretty, to be so sick. I do hope you get completely well FAST!!xx I always enjoy these type videos, as you know. LOL I would love to see a tutorial on this eye look, from Sleek. I was just thinking throughout the video, how pretty your eyeshadow looked! I hope to one day get a Sleek Storm pallet and this one you showed today! I know you can order them online, but I hesitate to, being overseas. I will check out some of the others, like Dior, as Sephora has a sale on through today and I have ordered a few things, to take advantage of that sale. LOL Feel better soon! I didn't know your mom was a Dr.!!xx Happy Easter to you and family!

  2. @Donna: Thank you, but this was filmed a week ago, plus I had my make up I definitely look much worse, lol !! ughh
    Today I went to the ER to have my ear exam by the specialist and yes, it's the ear infection, caused from the bacteria in the swollen tonsils! I have to be very patient, continue with antibiotics, plus some cortisone based medicaments that the specialist prescribed me today...
    Yes, my Mummy is a Dr. she specialized in psychiatry, but when she was young she worked as a base doctor, before taking her specialization.
    She's in pension now, but still knows so much when it comes to medicine, she is the first person I go to for an advice :)

  3. Great post, I've been using the Nivea Natural face cream and am really happy with it! But I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Tonsil and ear infections are horrible (i passed through about 4 of them this winter...). Make sure you're taking propoli and drinking lots of, have you tried gargling with hot salt water. gross, but helps!

  4. So glad you got seen again Sonja and I hope your ears heal fast! I hope you enjoy Easter with family! Your mother is a very smart woman! AND she cooks good (Shrimp Scampi) and is a wonderful, pretty mother. Enjoy, as I miss my mother so much!xx

  5. Ja jako volim Niveine sve proizvode, a ovaj Dior make up remover moram probati...izgleda odlicno!!
    nadam se da ces brzo ozdraviti,svakako super izgledas,nimalo bolesno...pusa xx


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