Monday 4 April 2011

Spring Lookbook (My Fashion Diary) #2

Hello girls!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, really nice & warm, so my hubby & I went for a walk.
I took an opportunity to shoot some pics of my outfit, I hope you'll like it :)

Must- have accessories:
Pink flower ring with rhinestones: Vanity Bijoux & Accessori
White watch with pink crystals: Fossil
Green cord braided bracelet/necklace: Bijou Brigitte
Other silver bracelet with small rhinestones: INA Market
Silver ring with big rhinestone: DM (drogerie markt)
Pale pink gemstone ring: Bijou Brigitte

other accessories:
Flower headband: H&M
Scarf: Zara
Sunglasses: H&M
Belt: Top Shop

Spring time in Italy...

Wild, wavy hair!

White faux leather jacket: Barone Firenze
White V neck cardigan: Pull & Bear
Crochet top, flower print: Pull & Bear
Ripped jeans: 72D by Oviesse
Grey booties: Zara TRF
Bag: Roccobarocco

You can watch my Spring Lookbook video by clicking here!

I LOVE Spring!

By the way, I wanted to mention an amuzing comment that I got from one of the haters on my recent video...
I usually prefer to ignore the haters, just because I don't want to give these sad & bitter people too much attention that they didn't deserve, but this comment here I just couldn't not share with you!
So here it goes....on my recent Spring Lookbook video, MsItalianStyle comments this:
"I detect a series of mental illnesses in this girl and a pointless amount of self adoration...."

I went to her  channel page, to see her profile, and there, this 34 years old woman claims to be an extremely honest person, who will always comment with truth on other people videos and if she dislikes something, she will say so.

Now, I do appreciate the honesty, very much.
But, if she was simply an honest & genuine person, who really wanted to comment under my video, she could have just written that she dislikes my outfit, or the way I'm presenting it...
But, how did she deduct all series of mental illnesses and a pointless amount of self adoration in me!?
Maybe we're talking about the Psychological projection here?

I'm honestly not bothered or touched by the haters comments, half of the time I find them amuzing, half of the time just ridiculous!

If I'm making vids, it's simply for fun & pleasure, and because I want to do something helpful for you guys! Certainly I'm not into self adoration lol
I don't have low self esteem, but I don't have a sky high self esteem either.
I'd say I have a normal self esteem and I never ever think I'm the best dressed or that my fashion sense is the best
If you think that of me, you're seriously mistaken...

But I know I shouldn't be even spending my time, writing these lines to you, because I'm blessed with my lovely readers & subbies who love & support me & hopefully got know me a bit better through all my blog posts & videos that I make.

Wishing you all a lovely evening,


  1. Sonja, that was a rather strange and stupid comment that person left you. You are a very strong person to share and show that it's not a big deal at all! One fear I have is receiving negative comments (on the blog and in real life!). I don't know why people feel the need to say nasty things. I've had enough of it from my older half-sisters, but I've got a lot of road to go to not be affected by it.
    Part of the reason why I made my blog was to put myself out there and take the risk.

  2. Aaaaa prolece je divno i prelepo izgledas. trapke us odlicne i jaknica. Sto se YT tice,ne obaziri se, meni grozne stvari pisu, to su ljudi kojima je uzasno dosadno i ne znaju sta ce u zivotu...budale :s

  3. @Tamara Aha, to me je inspirirala tvoja bijela jaknica ;) Ovu moju imam vec dugo i stvarno ju vec dugo nisam nosila, bas nisam nekako znala sto cu s njom, ni imala ideje...a onda su me inspirirale one tvoje slikice od prije neki dan! :)

  4. ta dva cvetica na ruci i u kosi su divni! :-)

  5. Sonja, I am so happy that you do not listen to these stupid hater people that love to spend thier worthless lives, commenting negativity on others videos. It just shows, as you know, they have NO life and no class, to be wasting thier time with hate/negativity. They truly need to get a life. You spend YOUR time so productively and are such a lovely person inside and out, they they must be very jealous!xxoo We love you and appreciate all you do!


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