Monday 11 April 2011

Thrift Store Finds Haul (

Hello girls!

I hope you're all doing well & enjoying these sunny days of Spring!
Ughh...I caught a nasty cold (I don't know WHERE??) & I'm at home, all congested & with a painful swollen tonsils... I even took half a day off Saturday because I just wasn't feeling well & I couldn't work.
Yesterday my hubby took me to the mountains where his family has a little house for the vacations & yes, clean air & sun did manage to make me feel a bit better, but as soon as we returned to the polluted city, my troubles started again...
I don't know what I'm going to do ughhh I hate being sick!
I had big plans for this week, lots of things to do & now I find myself sitting on my couch, feeling so weak...
Luckily, I filmed a few vids for you guys this past week, so I'll be uploading these during the next couple of days!
As you probably already know, I'm a big fan of thrifting!
I got some amazing deals & great finds on my recent visit to the local thrift store, so I wanted to share this with you all :)
I hope you'll enjoy reading about my finds!
You can also watch a video where I'm showing you these goodies, just click the play button on the vid bellow:

And here are some pics of my finds:

Knitted cardigan by Qbe brand.

I'm loving this colour & material for the spring!
This cardigan was only 1€.

Jean jacket/blazer by Roccobarocco.

How cute is the detail on the sleeves?

Roccobarocco THRIFTED!! for only 2€

Dark blue jeans shirt by GAS.

Size M - I'm going to wear this shirt unbuttoned, with a belt on top,
tied around my waist- boyfriend fit style inspired.

GAS blue jeans
shirt for only 1€.

Cotton shirt with stripes
by Woolrich brand.

Only 1€!
This shirt will look great tucked into my skinny jeans!

This is a very unsual model of a white shirt, it has got
an oversized puffy sleeves!

...then it ties around the waist for the more fitted apparel.

This shirt too, was only 1€!
Let's go to accessories!
Here is what I got...

This is a wonderful clutch!
I got it for 1, or 2 €!!

Three belts, 1 € each.
These were brand new!

A brand new grey scarf,
only 2 €.

Loving the details at the both sides of this
scarf. These look like grapes :)

I got something for my Mommy too ;)
She'll love it!

100% pure linen
made in Italy
by Max Mara

A long skirt that goes together with a blazer.

Isn't this the most amazing finds of all?
I got a brand new blazer & a skirt by a high end designer, Max Mara.
100% pure linen material, made in Italy.
Both for only 4€!!! (2 € each), whereas this would normally cost a couple of hundreds of euros!
This isn't my style exactly, it's very classic and the size is a bit bigger than mine, but I'm sure this will be a great gift for my Mum!
I just couldn't miss this deal!

So girls, as you could have noticed, I got some great deals & you'll surely understand when I say to you that I just couldn't stop myself from returning to the same thrift store the next week again!
The pt. two is already filmed & ready to be uploaded on my eipysgudps channel, so definitely stay tuned!
& of course, the blog post with all the pics & info is coming too!

A big kiss to you all,
xx Sonja


  1. wow! you made out really well with your purchases. Try some acacia honey for your throat! Hope you feel better!


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