Thursday 2 June 2011

Avon Solutions Vibes Power Cleanser REVIEW & DEMONSTRATION!

Hello girls!

I've tried out the Avon Solutions Vibes power cleanser and I've decided to review it because I really like it a lot!
As an Avon rep. I had the advantage to order it at a very good price, before it even got out on the market!
I've had it for a while now & been using it religiously!
The skin of my face is definitely clearer in this period of time & much better looking than usual, and I think part of this is thanx to my power cleanser by Avon...
I use it on my clean, make-up free face, usually once a week, afterwards I always tone & moisturize my face  with my daily toner & moisturizer (currently by ALVERDE Naturkosmetik).

In my video, I'm explaining you all about how this little "device" works and telling you about all the benefits it has on my skin!
In the second part of my video, I'm showing you a quick DEMO on how I use it.
So don't miss out on  my video!

If you have any additional questions regarding this power cleanser, just leave them to me in the comments section!
I'll reply back asap!

xx Sonja


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