Monday 20 June 2011

It's London Time! (Day 3 & 4)

Hello girls!

Even though I'm already in Croatia since this Friday night and have been vlogging about my mini-vacation (I still need to edit everything, probably when I return to Italy...) I still needed to do a blog post about my London trip, days 3 & 4, just as I've said I would!
So let's do that now!
Day 3 & 4 were reserved for Big Ben & Westminster, Camden Town, Hammersmith & Fulham!
So here are the pics:

On our way to Central London...

Close to Victoria Station...
heading towards Big Ben!


Big Ben!

London Eye in the background

Waiting for the Big Ben to start ringing at 12.30 p.m.

Close to the river Thames...
thinking about going to Camden Town!

Lunch at Camden Town.
Eating delicious indian cuisine, chicken korma &
vegetable samosas :) yummy!

I love indian cuisine!
So delicious!

Cute bags & stuff from Camden Town market

Enjoying my walk around Camden...

Wearing my new connector ring that I bought the first day of my
trip at Claire's accessories in Oxford Street!

Fulham, waiting for our Polish friend...
feeling exhausted, lol!

My hubby loves taking pics of cars that deserve it!

Day 4, on our way to Gloucester Square where we took the
Easy Bus to Stansted Airport...

Waiting for the Easy Bus to take us to Stansted airport.
We had a flight home at 19.05 p.m.

In the meanwhile, we were eating this yummy cheesecake in a pub
at Gloucester Square.
Outside was quite chilly & windy, so it was better to wait for the bus inside
of the pub!
I hope you guys enjoyed my post/vlog about my London trip!
We really enjoyed every minute of it & would like to go back again soon :)
I'll upload the Day 3& 4 vlog on MissTrendyKitty youtube channel soon, it's already edited, I just have to find a bit of time to upload it! I'm in Croatia now, so I'm really busy, out & about from the mornings till night!
Enjoying my days off!!! :)

Big kiss to you all!
xoxo Sonja

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  1. I cannot explain with words how much I miss London. ;( I love that city. Hope you had a great time! :)) totalno sam ljubomorna :D


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