Sunday 31 July 2011

OOTD from Italy: Luxe Lavender & Mint Green

Hello guys!

Another quick blog post, before I'm off to my vacations...

I updated my MissFashionKitty channel with another OOTD video!
You can check it out HERE!

& here are the pics:

Interesting detail on the back, covered in sequins!
This top is soo cute!
I really like this casual/girly/colourful look for a hot summer days!

Here is the complete list of the clothes/brands I was wearing:

  • Colourful top: Bought at italian open market for 3 €
  • White shorts (a summer MUST- HAVE): Amadeus Jeans (bought in Croatia years ago)
  • Wedges: Mr. Joseph (again, a croatian brand)
  • Sunnies: H&M (this season's)
  • Purple bag: H&M (from past summer, or even two summers ago?...)

Other accessories...
  • Flower shaped bracelet: Bought in Croatia
  • Silver beaded bracelet: Bought in Italy (INA market)
  • Wrap bracelet: Made by myself!

(you can order these, I make them!)
Click here to visit my b-deas handmade jewellery blog!
  • Earrings: my local 1€uro store in Italy
  • Connector ring: Bijou Brigitte
Do you like this outfit?
What would you wear on a hot summer day for a casual walk/running earrands type of a day?

I'm off to packing (I think I'm slightly panicking, I don't have a clue how to make a selection and narrow down the things I want to bring with me on my trip!!!)

I'll stay in touch over the next weeks & do at least just a short updates :)

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Kiss from Italy,
Have a great summer!!!

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