Thursday 21 July 2011

Easy Summer Hairstyles: Voluminous, Thicker, Side Braid

Hello my lovely readers!

It's really hot here in Italy!
I'm not complaining because I LOVE summer, but on a hot, sunny day like today, I didn't really feel like wearing my long hair loose!
I needed a quick & simple solution, but still keeping it cute & girly :)

Currently, this is one of my favourite hairstyles for every day :

Check out my VIDEO TUTORIAL to see how I quickly create this hairstyle!
You'll also see which products I recommend using for detangling your hair & giving it an extra shine!
If you have a fine/thin hair, and want to make your braid appear thicker and more voluminous, without wearing hair extensions, pay attention to my little trick on how to acheive so, that I'll be showing you in the video!

If you try this hairstyle out, do send me your pic, I'd love to see it!
You can send it to me at:
& I'll make sure to post it on my blog :)

Enjoy these hot summer days &
have fun creating cute hairstyles :)

xoxo Sonja


  1. Ciao Bella,
    Your hair looks super cute in the braid, and I can completely understand how the weather is in Italy. I love the summer heat too, but it's the humidity that is the killer, well for me it was anyway, and long hair sticking to my neck was not nice, ha ha ha. I understand, but this look is really simple and very cute. I love it!!
    Hope that you have a really great day and the weather cools a little for you.
    Hugs & Kisses

  2. Omg i love wearing my hair in a side braid! i will be rocking the side braid everyday this summer!
    Follow me please?
    -Jenna <3


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