Tuesday 12 July 2011

Sunday Trip: The Mountain of Cansiglio & the Caves of Caglieron

Hello you lovely people! :)

I hope you all had a nice weekend & an even better start to a new week :)
Yesterday, I spent an amazing day with my hubby and my father-in-law!
It was a very hot and humid day where we live, so we ran out of the town in a search for a fresh air and beautiful landscapes, at a nearby mountains of our Veneto region.
We headed to the mountains of Cansiglio (you can find out a little bit more about the wonderful Cansiglio forest here!)

Here are some of the pics we've taken yesterday:

Me & my father-in-law

Undressing, as it was pretty warm :)

Smiling... :)

Trendy accessories even in the mountains!
My must-haves, always! ;)

Beautiful nature!

I <3 the mountains!

Breathtaking view!

Stella Alpina, Runolist or Edelweiss, a protected flower that nowadays
is really rare, almost extinct!
It grows in the mountains and prefers rocky limestone places at 2000–2900 m altitude.
We've found it at cca 1500 m altitude!

Happiness...is to live, to breath, to experience...

Since I was a child, I was obsessed with horses!
Simply <3 these animals!
I was so excited that we actually saw Edelweiss flower in the mountains!
As I've said, nowadays these flowers are very rare and they're protected.
My grandmother gave me an Edelweiss flower many years ago (I still have it in my memory book), she picked it up long before it became a protected specie.
I've never seen it actually growing from the earth so I was amazed at how gorgeous it was!
I could have stared at it for hours, just mesmerised by its beauty!

Here is a bit more about Edelweiss:

The alpine Edelweiß, which in the German language means noble and white, is found generally at altitudes from 1700 meters to 2700 meters.
Edelweiss prefers calcareous light soils with excellent drainage and southern exposure, where it likes to form herbal mats, growing from 8 cm to 20 cm tall.Edelweiss flowers are classified as   short lived perennials, which after being picked during a number of growing seasons from the same plant, are unable to propagate by seeding and will disappear from an formerly established area. 

Find more about the beautiful & rare Edelweiss flower here!

On our way back, we stopped at the resort of Breda di Fregona, near Vittorio Veneto, to visit

The complex of the Caglieron caves consists of a very deep gorge cut into the calcareous rock of the Caglieron torrent, and of a series of man-made caves in the canyon walls.

It reminded me on a setting of Goonies, the movie!

Inside of the caves!

A waterfall behind me :)

I filmed a vlog from my yesterday's trip, so you can follow me around & enjoy all these beautiful sights with me!

Enjoy watching ;)

xx Sonja

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  1. wow looks like fun :DD i love your accessories! haha



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