Tuesday 22 November 2011

30+ Skincare: L'Oréal Youth Code Rejuvenating Anti- Wrinkle Care

Hello my beauties!

I tried introducing something new into my skincare regimen...
I've decided to use up my 50% off coupons at DM drugstore, for L'Oréal "Youth Code" line of products, as I've heard positive feedbacks on these creams.
I was particulary interested in trying out the Youth Code Day Cream and the Concentrate.

Why Anti- Ageing Line?

With time, skin recovers less quickly and regenerates itself less effectively. Result: years leave a visible imprint on skin, facial features are drawn, wrinkles form and deepen, skin tone becomes dull.

"Youth Code" by L'Oréal is an anti- ageing line, so I wouldn't recommend it to my younger readers, in their teens, or early twenties.

This year, I celebrated my 30.-th birthday, and even though, when it comes to skincare, anti-ageing products aren't my priority, I felt tempted to try out some of the products from this line and see the effects they'll have on my skin.
As my skin is still problematic, prone to blemishes, combination/oily, when it comes to skincare, I'm looking for a light, gel consistency creams that will provide a good level of hydration to my skin, but won't clog my pores, or cause me to breakout because too oily, or nourishing.

I find that both Day Cream and the Concentrate, worked well on my skin and helped it to restore its balance, even though they aren't a gel- consistency creams and they actually feel "richer", but also absorb really well & quickly, without leaving any oily residues on my skin.

L'Oréal Paris Dermo- Expertise Youth Code Day Cream & Concentrate

What does L'Oréal say about this line?

Studying the differences between gene expression among young and elderly skin, L'Oréal Advanced Research, in collaboration with medical teams, deciphers the code of skin's youth.
The patented Pro- Gen technology has been developed to improve skin's recovery capability and to restore its natural youth code.
Result: Thanx to Youth Code, skin regains the characteristics of young skin: smooth, softened, radiant.


INDICATIONS: Wrinkles, signs of fatigue, dull skin tone.
VELVETY TEXTURE: Moisturizing, smoothing, refreshing effect.
USE: Use Youth Code Day in the morning and in the evening on thoroughly cleansed skin.

HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS CREAM: I was using it in the mornings, fantastic as a foundation base, leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized.
Absorbs really quickly leaving no oily residues.


INDICATIONS: Wrinkles, signs of fatigue, dull skin tone.
MELTING TEXTURE: A smoothing and tensing effect, with a soft and matified finish on the skin.
USE: Use Youth Code Concentrate in the morning and in the evening on thoroughly cleansed skin.
Pay particular attention on more visible wrinkles.

HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: I absolutely love the matified finish this product leaves on my skin! It's ideal as a make up base. If you're going out at night/ doing your make up for special occasions, then you can use this concentrate as your primer, before the day cream and a foundation. This will create a perfect, doll- like skin illusion.
The packaging is really convenient for travelling, I prefer to take this product with me on my trips, than a glass jar of a Day Cream!

I hope this was helpful in case you're looking to buy a good quality and reasonably priced, anti- ageing skincare line.

For more info, check out my video- review on L'Oréal "Youth Code" skincare:

Kiss from Italy xx
Ciao, Ciao!

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