Friday 4 November 2011

Fall OOTD Inspiration: Poncho, Peggings, Military Style Boots ♥

Hello girls!

This has been the most beautiful Fall since I can remember! Warm & sunny, not too cold, just as I like it :)
I went to Croatia the other day, it was just a quick visit to my family.
As the 01.November. we celebrate the Day of the Dead, my family always goes to light candles & bring the flowers to our beloved ones who are no longer with us.
That's why I really wanted to be in Croatia on that day.
My hubby & I took this short trip on Sunday, 30. October, and this is what I was wearing for my trip:

The colour of my purse matches the colour of the nature in the Fall season!

Poncho: Bought in Croatia, years ago.
Peggings: Italian Open Market
Grey V-neck sweater: H&M (L.O.G.G.)
Basic black tank top: Jennifer

Doxa vintage watch that belonged to my Grandfather.
Random selection of bracelets from 1€uro store.
Thrifted snakeskin print belt.
Long feather necklace: H&M (divided)

"Hermes Style" red bag: Italian open market
Military Style boots: "Imaty's Fashion Factory" boutique in Italy.

I have decided to wear my green poncho, that I bought some time ago in Croatia (I'm pretty sure it was while I was still living there!).
I rarely wear ponchos, not because I don't like them, because I do, but because the weather here is usually or too warm, or too cold to be wearing them!
There just wasn't that nice transitional period of time (summer-into-fall, fall-into-winter and so on...) for such a long time!
I really missed that!
For the longest time, the seasons were basically changing in a way that you had to "jump" from wearing a short sleeves, to a wool coat and vice versa! No good :(
And as far as poncho goes, it is a clothing item that definitely adds volume, so it never looks good when I try to wear a coat on top of it! It just looks and feels too bulky!
Wouldn't you agree with me on that?
Now, the question of the day was:  "To belt a poncho, or not to belt a poncho?" ;)
I add a thin, snakeskin print belt on top of my poncho and I actually liked it better that way, than without a belt.
My hubby, however had a different opinion, he thinks belted poncho doesn't look good!
I still wore it belted, haha!
But I'd like to hear your opinion on this!
Was belting a poncho a good idea?

Have a beautiful day, ♥ from Italy,
xx Sonja

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  1. ti si tako seksi. vaša odjeća su tako dobri! Boom! Boom! Boom! :) <3


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