Wednesday 23 November 2011

WIN a Skull Scarf! GIVEAWAY OPEN & My Skull Scarves Collection

Hello beauties!

I'm hosting another giveaway here on my blog and my eipysgudps youtube channel :)

You can still enter my Sigma GIVEAWAY - HERE!!! as this giveaway will be open until the end of this month and I will announce the lucky winner on December,!
So you still have plenty of time to enter!
You have already entered? Never mind! Enter again, for a better chances to win! ;)

In my new giveaway, one of my lucky blog follower/ youtube subscriber, will win a black skull scarf!
This giveaway is sponsored by me, as I picked out & paid for the prize myself :)
As we are in this pre- festive season, I just wanted to give something back to you guys, as a sign of appreciation of all your love & support!
You guys make it all worthwhile! ♥

In my today's video, I'm showing you my skull scarves collection, and, by the end of this video, explaining you the rules of this giveaway- which are really simple!

So definitely check out my video and enter there as well, for a better chances to win!
In my video, you'll also see me giving you a few quick tips on how to wear/ tie scarves :)

& here are the rules of this giveaway, all written down:

1. This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY
2. You have to be my YOUTUBE (eipysgudps) channel SUBSCRIBER AND MY BLOG FOLLOWER in order to enter this giveaway!
3. Enter by writing me a comment saying what do you like about my blog/ youtube channel and what do you think I should improve, in order to make my videos more interesting and appealing for you.
4. That's it! Good luck to you all & do enter in many :)

& now, here is my little skull scarves collection...

My very first skull scarf, bought in Croatia,
at a jewellery & accessories store "Kamena Duga"

Skull scarf from Top Shop, bought at ebay.
I ♥ the combo of a black background and hot pink skulls :)

Skull scarf bought in Croatia, at one chineese store!
Cute black scarf with colorful skulls :)

I ♥ this long white scarf with black skulls!
Because it's so long, you can definitely wear it even in colder days, as you can
wrap it around your neck more than once!
Bought at "Vanity" accessories store in Italy.

Long black scarf with white skulls, goes well with everything!
Bought recently at italian open market!
This was my collection, and for you I've picked out a very similar scarf to this last one from my collection (I'm showing it to you in a video, sorry- I've forgotten to take a pic of it!).
I've chosen the black & white combo for my giveaway, because I believe a majority of people will prefer a simple black & white scarf, as it is so easy to style :)

Good luck to you all!

Kiss from Italy,
xx Sonja


  1. I really love your fashion videos! ^^ Like, how to style stuff. :D

  2. I love that you have a lot of giveaways. One thing that I think you should improve is the quality of your video. Other than that, I love that you keep on reviewing products and have a lot of fashion videos. More power to you

  3. I think you have great style and your videos are done very nicely, but maybe you can try to make put some of your posts as responses to other popular beauty gurus to get more views.

  4. Thank you!
    This is a good idea, and occasionally I do that, but then, I don't want getting views to become my priority. To me, the most important thing is to enjoy what I'm doing and to be able to transmit interesting info to the people who follow me.
    My priority is to concentrate on my work, looking to improve it day by day, in every a long term, the results will come because people know how to appreciate a passion & an effort! :) Thank you again so much for your sweet words of support xx Sonja

  5. @ meg(^.^) Thank you for entering my giveaway & for following my blog & my youtube channel :)
    I'm hoping to be able to invest in a better quality camera/ lighting in the future. For now, I know that the best option for me is to film my videos in a natural daylight, but sometimes (especially in fall/winter time, when the days are short) I don't manage to do that, so I film with what I have. Thanx again for your suggestion/opinion, it's very much appreciated & valued! :)


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