Thursday 12 July 2012

My Summer 2012. Make Up Routine

Hello beauties!

Finally, I managed to find a spot where to film my very first make up tutorial (since I moved to my new place!!!).
I really missed filming make up tutorials, so I'm happy I found a solution to my new setting!
I hope the lighting & everything worked out well :)

I had to start by showing you my updated Summer Make Up Routine!
A lot has changed since past summer, I'm using different products and I picked up some new techniques along the way too ;)

So, don't miss out on my Start-to-Finish Summer 2012. Make Up Routine!
click here to watch:

About my summer hairstyle:

As these days in Italy it's really boiling hot, I haven't been straightening my hair, but I was twisting it into a two little side buns before sleeping, so the next day I would awake with a pretty cool, summer-yy hairstyle :)

natural, loose waves in my hair!

Btw...have I mentioned? bye, bye ombre hair for now!
I'm back to full blonde for summer :)
&&& I love it! ;)

Now, back onto my summer make up routine...

I have been using some of the products that I simply adore, such as my new Naked2 eyeshadow palette, Chanel Emerville Illusion d'Ombre cream eyeshadow, YSL sheer candy lipstick in #5...but there are some "oldies but goodies" too, such as Maybelline The Eraser Eye Perfect & Cover Concealer, Deborah blush in cacao...

Naked2 and Chanel...what else do I need for the perfect summer look? ;)

My summer favourites & must- haves in my everyday routine!

Here are a few pics of the final look...

Very natural, easy to acheive look!
Perfect for everyday activities & work!

And that's it!
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

If you have any requests on the make up you'd like me to do, please leave me a comment :)

Have a beautiful day,
xoxo Sonja


  1. You have wonderful hair Sonja, I'm follow your blog via GFC and Bloglovin:-)

    Warm regards:-)


    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely compliment and for following my blog!
      It makes me happy :)
      xoxo Sonja

  2. super tutorial - super ti stoje sve boje koje si odabrala! sviđa mi se što sad nosiš valovitu kosu, super ti stoji :)

    1. Hej puno hvala! Po ovoj vrucini valovita je jedina opcija ;)


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