Thursday 19 July 2012

Summer Fashion & Fragrances Haul: Juicy Couture, Zara, H&M & more!

Hello guys!

I thought I'd share with you in a haul video, a few bits & pieces that I got over the past couple of months...

You can check out my haul here:

& here is my haul in pics:

Couture Couture by Juicy Couture was on my wish list for the looongest time!
Finally I treated myself with it :)
Zara Textures Praline has seriously become one of my favourite perfumes!
It was looove at the first...sniff! :)
Zara Black Peony is a perfume I always repurchase, I really like it!
Zara perfumes are actually awesome, and sooo inexpensive!
I highly recommend them, so go sniff Zara perfumes and pick one for yourself ;) !!

My new beach accessorie!
I love this bag :)
It was a complimentary gift with a purchase of one of the Juicy Couture perfumes,
at Douglas profumeries.

Everybody is talking about this skirt, so I had to try to incorporate it in my wardrobe!
Will be doing a fashion video on how to style it, soon! :)

I'm a jewellery addict! I don't know when enough is enough, lol

...from my local italian warehouse...they always have lots of nice pieces and great bargains!

Maybe a next DIY project?

Relatively a new piece in my wardrobe, but you have already seen me wearing this gilet
a millions of times! That's how much I looove it!
I'm pairing it with EVERYTHING and the styling with it always looks good!

These pants are very formfitting and flattering!
I'm now editing a fashion video- tutorial on how to style a floral print pants :)
Mint green, needless to say, is a must for this season!

Neon pink bandeau top & the perfect bra for all the strapless tops and dresses!

I like these basic H&M tops, I have them in many different colours.
They cost only 4.95€ and are also a great layering piece.

Those were my recent purchases!
Did you guys like anything in particular?

I'll talk to you soon :)
Kissss from Italy,
xoxo Sonja

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