Thursday 19 July 2012

SUMMER STYLE: Dinner Out With Friends!

Hello girls!

My hubby & I met our friends for a lovely & delicious dinner the other day.
I got ready earlier than usual (I tend to always run late!), so I had a bit of spare time to film a short outfit video, what was I wearing for the occasion!

You can watch it here:

Of course, I took a bunch of pics, just for fun ;)

 Accessories & My favourite lipstick of the season!

H&M ring (this season's jewellery collection)
Looks great with gold, neon pink, or neon orange nail polish!

My favourite lipstick color of the moment!
S-he Stylezone (@DM drugstores)

Swatch for S-he Stylezone Magic Colours 110 lipstick :)

My Outfit- I wore:

Studded denim gilet: Zara TRF
Basic white tube top: H&M
High waisted shorts: H&M
Belt: H&M
Cruciani style lace bracelets: Bought in Italy
Skull/leather bracelet: Bought in Italy, @some random store.

We had a lot of fun that evening, and the food was awesome!
All seafood basically, and that's my favourite type of food :)

I hope you liked this summer-yyyy outfit!

Have a great day!
Kissss from Italy,
xoxo Sonja

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