Tuesday 28 May 2013

DIY: Camo Spiked Tank Top (from my Dad's oversized Tshirt!)

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a new DIY project for you!
I'm very excited to show you how it turned out, personally, I'm loving the rsult!

I took my Dad's old T-shirt, that he was wearing back in the 90.-ies, when he was in the military, and, as the camo print is so IN right now, I saw a big potential in this old piece! :)

It was very big on me and it just didn't look right, so I took a pair of scissors and started cutting...

Check out my DIY project video tutorial here:

My "old/new" tank top!

I got metal spikes at e-bay, for this project I used 8 total, but you can use even more, depending on where do you want to position the spikes!

Some things you're going to need...

I'm very happy with how my tank top turned out, I'll enjoy wearing it, more so because it has got a big sentimental value, due to the fact that it belonged to my Dad...♥

Some pics of me wearing my camo tank top...

I hope you liked this project!
Remember, you can do this with any T-shirt that you find, that is too large for you and not that flattering on! You can easily transform it into a very trendy piece and customize it to your likings!
I did the similar thing with another T-shirt that I bought recently at H&M, young boy's dept.(I liked the print very much, but I didn't like the fit, so I cut it and now I ♥ it...will be sharing that one with you in one of my upcoming haul videos!)

Love from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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